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The Real Objective: Student Learning

It is the end of the semester. You and your staff are tired and JUST WANT THE STUDENTS TO GO HOME. You limp through creating your annual report and notice a number of recruiters have mentioned in evaluations that many of the students they met are not at ease with networking.

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Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It….

At this point in my EACE Trending blog series on assessment, you have:

Found your institution’s strategic goals or priorities and highlighted any language that pertains to your office’s work.

You now need to follow the same procedure and find your division’s priorities and related language. If you are not sure where this information is located, google (or search your internal website) your institution and your division’s title and the word “goals.” You may find a mission, vision, goals and student learning outcomes or your division may have chosen to only create goals or a mission. Once again, highlight any words that defines your office’s work.

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Influencing Up

Recently a colleague, Gary Morris Director of Career Services at SUNY Oswego, shared that he had sent a document to the President of his institution that highlighted how students could translate their study abroad skills for an employer. She was impressed by the document and called him to talk about it. As I listened to what Gary shared, it made me think about whether I was doing enough to “influence up” within my own institutional structure.

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