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EACE Board Election Results!

The EACE Board of Directors is proud to announce the winners of the 2015-2016 Board Elections. Thank you to all EACE members who voted over the last two weeks!
We have a tie for President-Elect. According to the EACE by-laws, a run-off election will be held to decide the winner. We plan to hold the election Wednesday, March 25 through Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Look for an email to prompt you to vote.
Thank you to all of our board candidates for participating enthusiastically in our election, and congratulations to the winners. The following newly elected board members will start their term on July 1, 2015.
(Tie) Noah Simon, Walter Tarver
**Run-off election March 25 – April 1, 2015**
Director, Finance:
Kate Juhl
Director, College Member Services:
Cary Weir-Lytle
Director, Leadership Development:
Tammy Samuels
Director, Communication & PR:
Megan Wolleben

It’s time to vote!

EACEb LogoThe success of Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE) is a tribute to the commitment, energy and leadership skills of our membership. On behalf of the EACE Board of Directors, the 2014-2015 Nominating Committee Chair is pleased to present the ballot for the 2015 EACE Executive Board elections.

The EACE member elected in each category will join these current board members in 2015-2016:

  • Ayanna Wilcher, President (KPMG)
  • Scott Rappaport, Past President
    (University of Delaware)
  • Craig Single, Director, Employer Member Services (Wipfli LLP)
  • Shannon Conklin, Director, Technology and Information Management (Temple University)
  • Jen Rossi, Director, Professional Development
    (St. Joseph’s University)
  • Anne Scholl-Fielder, Director, Membership Recruitment & Retention (Stevenson University)

voting-quoteVoting for members of the board is your opportunity to shape the future of the association. This year you will select members to serve in five different positions.

President Elect

Noah Simon
Walter Tarver

Director, Finance

Kate Juhl
Patrick Young

Director, College Member Services

Carol Ruiz

Cary Weir-Lytle

Director, Leadership Development

Erica Ely

Tammy Samuels

Director, Public Relations & Communications

Angelique Kim

Megan Wolleben

To get a better sense of their interest in serving on the board, please review their personal statements and EACE involvement information by clicking on their name. To learn more about the position, please click on the position title.

For more information visit the 2015 election webpage.

QUESTIONS? Please contact, Jennifer Barr, 2014-2015 Nominating Committee  Chair.

Calling All Members – the gift of leadership

Did you submit your nomination?

EACEb LogoThe success of EACE is a tribute to the commitment, energy and leadership skills of our membership. Consider nominating yourself or other EACE colleagues for our upcoming elections (Mar. 4-16, 2015). The deadline for submitting nominations is Dec. 31, 2014.


I’m All In, Are YOU?

Diversity and Inclusion (The Growth of EACE, now and beyond…)

As a 14-year member of the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers, I have been asked to write on the importance of “Diversity in Leadership”.  By definition the word Diversity is defined as encompassing acceptance and respect as well as the fact that people are unique and we should be recognized for our differences.  At the same time the word Inclusion is defined as the action of being included within a group.  These two words describe what EACE strives for each day.

How do we as members of EACE, define Diversity in Leadership?

Fundamentally, the meaning of Diversity has to be mentioned.  When related to Leadership, I guarantee it has a different meaning for each individual.  Some common interpretations of Diversity are: racial, ethnic, orientation, cultures, education, geographic area, age, language, gender and many other areas.  One common theme that we find in the language above is that having leaders from different backgrounds is beneficial for the continued success of EACE.  When individuals from all groups come together collectively they are able to help this organization grow exponentially.   We want to be sure that we strive for diversification in all areas beginning with the board, committees and within our membership.

How do we identify members to be leaders within the organization?

To sustain consistent growth, EACE must recruit and internally source candidates for leadership opportunities.  Also, it requires a willing member to serve the organization in a new capacity.  As we interact with colleagues, it is up to us to nominate those with talents that are recognizable.  One person’s particular strength in a given area could be what the board or a committee needs.  Each year, countless colleagues volunteer in many roles and make a lasting impact.  Each member has unique talents and we want to be sure that we are including everyone.  So be on the lookout, you could be the person who nominates the next President of the organization or better yet, you could be our next President!

How can I immediately help?

As the co-chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee it is my responsibility to continue the recruitment of new and existing members to “step up to the plate” and take active leadership roles.  The responsibility is not mine solely, but every member of the organization.  As we enter the nomination period for new Board Members, now is the perfect time to make your selection.  Think about the person you met at the conference, professional exchange, networking events and other interactions – forward their name!  

Benefits to EACE

Diversity in Leadership has many benefits that intersect at all levels of the organization.  EACE continues to welcome members from colleges and universities as well as the employer community.  These members will and have actively fulfilled areas of leadership and that has helped EACE maintain a phenomenal record of growth.  It is impressive to see people from varied backgrounds give of their time and impact the Leadership of EACE.  The benefits are overwhelming obvious when people step into the same room organizations become transformed.  As we move forward the Diversity must continue to be at the forefront of EACE.

How does EACE continue to grow with members that extend from Maine to Virginia?  YOU!  Are you All In?

2015-2016 EACE Board Nominations – make your nomination today!


Junior Delgado

Junior Delgado

Junior has worked in the Career Center since 2000 and in August 2009 became the Director of the Career Center at Westfield State University.  Also, Junior was the Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Westfield State for eight seasons and is now a Volunteer Coach.  He was a First Year Experience Instructor on campus for five years.  Junior received his MBTI Qualification Certificate in 2009.  He earned his Bachelor of Art in Spanish and Education from Clark University and a Master of Education in Educational Administration from Westfield State.

Calling All Members

EACEb LogoThe success of EACE is a tribute to the commitment, energy and leadership skills of our membership. Consider nominating yourself or other EACE colleagues for our upcoming elections (Mar. 4-16, 2015). The deadline for submitting nominations is Dec. 31, 2014.


“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

EACE Blog contribution by Val Matta, VP Business Development at CareerShift, LLC and 2014-2015 EACE Nominating Committee

“Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other. “

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

As you consider whether it is time to learn more – we ask that you consider nominating yourself or someone else for a leadership/learning role on your EACE board. You are more ready than you think!

Jennifer Broyles, of Rutgers University Career Services, has been kind enough to share some thoughts on ‘being ready’:

Jennifer Broyles and EACE colleagues at 2011 EACE Social in NYC Credit: Helen Brown

Jennifer Broyles and EACE colleagues
2011 EACE Social in NYC
Credit: Helen Brown

“When I was asked to write a piece about my experiences with this wonderful organization, I was very flattered. This is an association that has contributed immensely to the network of colleagues and friends that I now have, all of whom have impacted my own career trajectory. While I am typically content to read and learn about the experiences of others, rather than draw attention to my own experiences, I decided that sharing some of my insights is the least I can do!

Now is the time of year that we begin the process of nominating members to positions of leadership within EACE. If you haven’t considered becoming involved in a leadership role, I urge you to sit down and reflect upon what a difference it can make in your life, and in the lives of others. That is why many of us entered this career field, whether in Human Resources, a University/College Career Center, or other similar profession.   The concept of having an impact is paramount to many of us. If you are anything like me, and I know there are a few of you out there, the idea of being a leader can sometimes be a little intimidating. You may ask yourself questions like : Am I qualified? Am I ready? Do I have enough experience/skills? The answer is YES. Another question I used to struggle with was: what if I don’t Read more

Message from EACE President: Scott Rappaport

New EACE Website

Don’t forget to check out the new EACE Website!


Message from EACE President: Scott Rappaport

New EACE Website

Don’t forget to check out the new EACE Website!


#NoExcuses – Future EACE Leaders Stand Up!

EACE Blog contribution by Adrienne Alberts, Program Manager – College and Workforce Inclusion Programs at American Red Cross

This is such an exciting time as we draw attention to the upcoming board roles that will be filled during this year’s election. Yes, we are already talking about the March elections in October but this isn’t like starting Christmas advertising before Halloween. There is an important purpose to have this on our radar now… NOMINATIONS!!!

In December we will be opening the nominations process for the following roles:

  • President Elect (3 year term)
  • Director, Finance (2 year term)
  • Director, College Membership (2 year term)
  • Director, Leadership Development (2 year term)
  • Director, Public Relations & Communication (2 year term)

When you see these positions again and it will be your turn to take ACTION by nominating yourself or a colleague for EACE leadership. As you begin to explore whether you are ready to serve in a more significant way, there is a bit of insight that I would like to share.  YOU DO HAVE TIME!!!!!

I remembered when I first became actively involved in EACE; there was a lovely woman Read more

The Making of a Leader – EACE Director, Technology and Information Management

Shannon Kelly

Associate Director, University of Pennsylvania Career Services

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