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At the EACE Spring Meet Up, A is for Awesome Assessment Track

Meaningful and innovative are two words that I would use to describe the work that the Outcomes and Assessment Committee has been doing since it was established in July 2016.  The Outcomes and Assessment Committee is currently working on several projects that will provide members with programming, practical information, and a space to contribute and retrieve materials focused around assessment effective practices for career services and recruiting professionals. The Outcomes and Assessment Committee has several sub-committees who are looking at: Professional development and programming, certifications, annual conference pre-conference programming, and technology and web resources. With each sub-committee there is a level of intentionality on how we can deliver meaningful information and content to EACE members.

I’m sure you are wondering, “What does all of this really mean for me?” Over the next few months, the committee will be sharing professional development opportunities and new tools focused on assessment through social media and the Trending Blog.  I am excited to be sharing this introductory blog, and to tell you about an upcoming event.

On March 14, EACE will be hosting a Spring Meet Up in Philadelphia at St. Joseph’s University. The Spring Meet Up is a single day professional development opportunity for EACE members. This year, the Spring Meet Up will feature an Assessment Track.  Janet Long and Debra Klokis from the Outcomes and Assessment Committee have developed a set of presenters who bring a diverse set of experiences with assessment.

The first session is called, “Make Assessment Engaging – Be Part of the Process.” Facilitated by two well-known faculty members and assessment leaders from Drexel University, the interactive session will feature the “Wizards of Assessment” (think Dorothy and the Scarecrow!) in a unique format that makes the assessment process both meaningful and – dare we say — fun. Janet Long shared that the session is, “designed around a familiar theme to make the material more accessible and less intimidating.” Attendees of this presentation will be given an assessment scenario and will work with a group to address an assessment related challenge.  This session will be helpful for recruitment and career services professionals.

The second session is a panel discussion called “Overcoming the Fear of the “A” Word (Assessment).” The panel will consist of Jennifer Grauso, representing best assessment practices at St. John’s University, and Dr. Jocelyn Manigo and Janet Long, both representing Academic Support Services at Widener University. Debra Klokis of The College of New Jersey will facilitate the panel which will include ample time for audience participation and questions.

We hope that you’ll join us for the EACE Spring Meet Up and Assessment Track. There’s still time to register!

Read more about the mission of the Outcomes and Assessment Committee.

Written by Dorothy Hayden with Janet Long

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