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Ask a Recruiter Series: Kate Mulvey, USLI

The goal of this series is to have recruiters share their expertise and advice on the internship and job search process so that career development professionals can better address students’ concerns.

KateMulvey - Kate Mulvey

  • Kate Mulvey
  • College Student Program – Team Leader
  • USLI: Wayne (Pa- Home office); Oakbrook (IL); Austin (TX); Mission Viejo (CA); San Ramon (CA); Toronto (Canada)

What should students know about your company when asked about it in an interview?

They should have high-level knowledge of what our company does and what our core values are. We look to hire people that match these values.

What’s your advice to students who are juggling multiple offers?

Make sure they are interviewing the other organizations too. They should choose the opportunity that feels right to them. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

What do you want to hear when you ask a student, “tell me about yourself”?

I am looking to get to know them; and find out who they are since they probably don’t have a lot, if any, professional experience. I’d also like them to share any of their life experiences and how those experiences transfer to a work setting. Students should also be prepared to expand on their responses. And, real-life examples go a long way.

What are the immediate things that would put a student candidate in your “no” pile?

Low energy, lack of effort during the interview, disrespectful

How should students be answering the question, “tell me about a weakness you have”?

We all have weaknesses, so what I’m really looking for is their transparency in their response, and not them trying to mask a flaw. I’m more inclined to respond better to someone who can share a vulnerability than someone who tries to hide one.

How do you recommend students talk about negative work experiences, such as they worked for a boss they did not get along with well?

It’s all in the delivery. What was the issue, how did you respond and handle the situation to make it better, and what did you take away from it that now makes you a better person? Negative things happen, but the delivery can have a positive undertone. Blaming someone else entirely for the situation does not go over well.

What are some things that really impress you during an interview with a student?

Good energy, conversational, positive attitude, candor, respectful, prepared


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