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The process of selecting future EACE leaders through board nomination is vital for the growth of our organization. What better way to learn about the board then from hearing from some current board members!

“Being on the board helps develop leadership skills and gives you the chance to grow professionally outside of your day to day job responsibilities.”

Craig Single, President-Elect


“Joining the EACE Board will expand your network so you can meet more motivated leaders who will help you continue your career journey!”

Stacy McClelland, Past President


“Advance your career and professional development through epic networking and recruitment opportunities!”

Terri Morris, Director of Employer Member Services


“Being on the EACE Board is one of the greatest professional development decisions I’ve ever made. Having the chance to shape the future of an organization whose mission I live every day has been incredibly rewarding, and working with wonderful professionals that I’m lucky to now call friends has made leadership downright fun!”

Amy Smith, Director of Technology & Information Management


“When an opportunity comes along to make a difference and potentially do something great, you should grab it!  Becoming a member of the EACE Board affords you the opportunity to build connections, stay current in your field, learn from EACE leaders, expand your network and knowledge outside of your place of employment, share your talents and skills, make an impact on something bigger than you, and overall grow as a professional.”

Jennifer Grauso, Director of Professional Development


Educate yourself on the latest happenings in the field.

Ample opportunities to develop leadership and managerial skills.

Create new initiatives to help grow the organization for the future.

Expand your network with leaders throughout the region.

Christine Cervelli, Director of Membership Recruitment & Retention


Educate yourself and others on industry trends.

Accelerate your leadership skills.

Connect with outstanding colleagues across the East Coast!

Enlarge your vision of what’s possible in recruitment and career development.

Zachary Saeva, Director of Public Relations and Communication


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