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Ask the Recruiter Series! Submit now!

Although many of us give great job search advice to students on a daily basis, we all know the value for students to hear that advice directly from a recruiter. As a result, the EACE Trending Blog is excited to announce the start of a new series called “Ask the Recruiter.”

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The goal of this series is to have recruiters share their expertise and advice on the internship and job search process so that career development professionals can better address students’ concerns. Some questions may include, “Do you actually read cover letters?” or “What do want to hear in the ‘Tell me about yourself’ question?” We aim to feature a different industry recruiter each month to showcase a breadth of industry-specific advice as well as general job search advice.

If you’re a recruiter interested in sharing your expertise with us, please fill out this and we’ll be able to feature your advice in the coming months!

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