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Top 5 Reasons for Employers to Join EACE

By Zoe Makropoulos, Rutgers University

Calling all recruiters and employer partners! We’ve all been bombarded with a growing amount of professional organizations to join. But how do we really know which of these is worth our time? How do we know if one is a better fit than another? What are we really looking to get out of a professional organization? To all those questions, EACE may just be the answer we’ve been looking for. EACE, formally known as the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers, offers a vast variety of professional resources and opportunities to connect to students and career services teams all with a regionally tailored audience. But let’s get down to what we really want to know, here are the top 5 reasons why you should join EACE:


  1. Connection to wide variety of regional schools!

EACE gives a one stop shop to connect with over 250 schools from Main to Virginia and everywhere in between. The organization has grown to over 1500 members over the years and includes representation from 2 year and 4 year colleges. Through EACE employers have found an ideal way to make connections with schools in their recruiting territories covering the North East and Mid-Atlantic regions. In addition to the EACE Annual Conference , EACE offers employers the opportunity to host Professional Exchanges at their offices to give career services representatives the chance to see first-hand what your company is all about!


  1. The best bang for your buck!

In comparison to other professional organizations, EACE offers an affordable membership package. Individual employer packages are $140 annually and group membership is $625 for an UNLIMITED amount of members. While it is not required to be a member to attend the EACE Annual Conference, members do receive reduced rates.  In addition, members receive exclusive access to a variety of resources (see reason number 4 for resource details).


  1. Opportunities to engage directly with students!

EACE offers several ways to connect directly with students from all of our member schools.  One of the most notable programs coordinated is the Road Trips to the Real World. Similar to professional exchanges, employers are able to open up their doors to EACE member school students for a day to see what your company is all about. This signature program has been connecting students and employers for over 15 years!


  1. A wealth of resources at your fingertips!

With the membership package, companies who join EACE can obtain access to our online employer resource center which covers a variety of trending topics in the recruiting field. In addition, EACE hosts webinars with industry professionals which offer flexibility to those unable to travel.  Community members can also tune into the EACE blog and monthly Twitter chats to see updates and hear from their fellow members.


  1. Receive HRCI & SHRM credit

As an added bonus, many of our recruiting and employer partners who attend the EACE Annual Conference receive HRCI and/or SHRM credit while attending conference workshops. Each year the conference covers a wide variety of topics and professional development opportunities. The EACE 2019 Conference will be held in Hartford, CT at the Connecticut Convention Center from June 24-26. We hope to see you there and at future EACE events!


“Zoe Makropoulos is a Program Coordinator at the Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick. As a recent alumni of RBS, she was active in the Career Management department as an undergraduate intern for nearly 3 years. Following graduation she joined the team full time and loves the fact that she is able to pay it forward to the Rutgers community that provided her with so many opportunities. Outside of the office Zoe is currently pursuing her Masters in Human Resource Management, teaches traditional Greek folk dance and loves to watch movies.”

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