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My Experiences with EACE- Learning the Employer Perspective

By Ethan Selinger, Northeastern University, College of Computer and Information Science

As a young professional working in career services and employer relations, I have learned the importance of understanding the needs of employers when developing internship/co-op opportunities and/or simply creating connections between my institution and employers. Being able to go beyond the borders of the campus and work directly with employers has been vital to my growth and understanding of employer needs. Being involved in EACE, and working directly with employers on program initiatives, has been an excellent experience and opportunity for professional development.

Beyond contributing to the EACE Trending Blog, I have had the privilege of being on the Membership Committee for the previous two years, one of which as a graduate student. Prior to my involvement in EACE, I had worked with employers and community partners in my role(s) in higher education, however much of my understanding of creating effective partnerships between institution and employers came from my lens as a professional in higher education. I had developed excellent experience creating mutually beneficial connections and partnerships, however working with EACE has helped me develop connections with employers beyond a traditional working relationship. In other words, I have had the opportunity to learn how employers operate through professional conversations outside the scope of work of our respective professions and through partnerships on initiatives for EACE. I did not fathom the fact that these learning opportunities would exist prior to my work with EACE, however I am thankful for the invaluable experience.

Working with employers as part of EACE has helped me gain new perspective. I have built up my network and have gained valuable insight from the employer members I work with. I am working on utilizing these experiences to continue developing employer relationships in my current work. However, the professional development has been invaluable.

I encourage both college and employer members to become involved with EACE, be it committee work and/or programming. The ability to work on a team with both college and employer members is invaluable for the work of both parties, both for EACE and in our own work.

Ethan Selinger is currently a Cooperative Education (Co-op) Advisor at Northeastern University’s College of Computer and Information Science

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