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Rev Up Recruiting with the Employer Resource Center

By Christina Butler, St. Joseph’s University

Whether you are an Employer Relations professional looking for ways to help enhance your employers’ recruitment strategies, or you are an HR or recruiter professional seeking out tips and trends to improve your company’s recruitment strategy, the EACE Employer Resource Center should be your first stop.

EACE’s Employer Resource Center is a diverse and thoughtful collection of reference materials, presentations, webinars, how-to documents, and more, all centered around improving hiring and recruiting strategies whether you are hiring an intern or you want to learn more about leverage social media as a part of your strategy.

For those of us looking to hire interns, there are a handful of handy resources you can find here, such as a sample internship post and what to consider about you and your office before even hiring an intern. Additionally, I thought the social media related resources were particularly helpful and extensive, providing you with everything from the differences between Snapchat and Instagram, how to create a geofilter, and Twitter 101.

A unique aspect of the EACE Employer Resource Center is its archive of Annual Conference Session Presentations given by notable companies such as Vanguard, Independence Blue Cross and Foresters Financial, and credible higher education professionals. Any of these presentations can be downloaded as PDFs as quick references and cover “hot topics” in recruitment such as diversity and inclusion, recruiting on a budget, demonstrating leadership, strengthening recruiting partnerships, and many more.

Last but not least, you can even contribute your own original content to the EACE Employer Resource Center, so if you’ve created something to help enhance your own recruiting strategy or the strategies of the companies you work with, please consider sharing by filling out the online form on the Employer Resource Center’s website.

Christina Butler is a career counselor and marketing specialist at the Career Development Center at Saint Joseph’s University. She has worked at SJU for almost 3 years. Christina attended West Chester University for her master’s degree in Higher Education Counseling and Penn State University for her bachelor’s degree in English. She is an artist, craft beer enthusiast, avid podcaster and gamer girl, and she lives in West Chester, PA with her husband.  

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