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A Tribute to Marianne Tramelli

By Sam Ratcliffe

It is with profound sadness that we inform EACE members of the passing of Dr. Marianne Tramelli on March 15, 2018 at age 61. Marianne was EACE President in 2003-2004 and a recipient of the Distinguished Leadership Award in 2013.

A member of EACE and MAPA/MAACE for many years Marianne was Director of Career Services at Columbia University Teachers College for over 20 years and served at Pace University prior to that. A lifelong learner, she earned a coveted doctorate in education from Teachers College in 2017. Her passion for our profession and her outstanding service to EACE were models to which we all can aspire.

The contributions of Marianne to EACE are legendary. Whether serving on a committee or the board, she was exemplary in her preparation, knowledge and achievement of intended outcomes. She was tireless in her leadership work and made others around her feel valued for what they did. Whenever there was a need for action on behalf of her beloved EACE, Marianne was the first to volunteer and contributed in highly meaningful ways.

EACE members who know Marianne well early in her career will also remember her husband Peter, who regularly came to conferences with her and became endeared to many people. Similar to Marianne in multiple ways, Peter fit in so well that several people called him an honorary EACE member – his very untimely death at a young age was a loss felt for many years.

As much as Marianne enjoyed her work in shaping EACE and our profession, she enjoyed life to the very fullest and was a very dear and close friend to many.  She had an infectious laugh and exhibited it often, brightening the day for numerous people. Very altruistic in her approach to life, Marianne Tramelli cared deeply for other people and showed it incessantly.

Sometimes our lives intersect with that of others and we are forever changed for the better simply because of that relationship. Such was the case for those who knew Marianne and her death leaves a void in many lives. Hers was a life exceedingly well lived and our lives are much richer because of Marianne Tramelli.


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