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My First Year on the EACE Board of Directors: Don’t Forget to Vote!

By Zachary Saeva, Director of Public Relations & Communications, EACE

Well EACE members, it’s that wonderful time of year where we vote for the future leadership of our organization! What a great time to look at what it is like to be on the board. This is my first time serving on the board and I’m in my first term. At first I was intimidated to serve. I’ve only been working professionally for four years and I wondered how I could contribute at the board level. Working as a co-chair was rewarding and within my skill set, however I thought the board would push me more outside my coCC1A1158mfort zone. I also feared that volunteering at this level would require a great deal of time and that I would struggle with balancing my full-time role and this responsibility.  In the end, I thought it was worth taking a step of faith and I am glad I did.

Working alongside current board members has been rewarding and supportive. Getting to know my colleagues is probably my favorite part. It’s neat to hear what’s going on in their region and their organizations.  I can see how we all are working toward the common goal of making EACE a better organization for our members. We discuss strategic initiatives and brag about the great innovative things our committees are doing. We challenge one another’s ideas and thoughts with the goal of progressing ideas to actionable steps. Our meetings and conference calls are productive and I feel like it is time well spent. I’ve enjoyed connecting with my co-chairs and providing them with support to reach their goals as well.

Serving on the board for EACE is a rewarding work. It does take time and energy but it has been worth it for me and I know it can be for the future board members as well. I wish you all the candidates the best of luck in this upcoming election!

The election for the 2018-2019 Board of Directors is now open.  Help create the new board and support the future of EACE.  All EACE members are eligible to vote by going to  Voting closes on Friday, March 16th at 3:00 PM. 

Zac Saeva is the Career Coach for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Social Work at Nazareth College.   

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