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EACE Awards Recipients 2017 Share What EACE Means to Them

By Chloe J. McILwaine, University of Pittsburgh Office of Career Development and Placement Assistance

Before we know it, we will all be boarding our planes, trains and automobiles and making the journey to Reston, VA for this year’s EACE Annual Conference. However, before the New Year comes upon us, we want to do a short highlight on our ever-so deserving Award Recipients from EACE 2017.

What makes these recipients and awards even more prestigious, is that they are voted for by our peers. Being a member of EACE can be so much more than simply going to a conference or event a couple of times a year – it is a way to connect with like-minded individuals, to learn from each other, to have an impact on fellow professionals and peer institutions. That is what these winners have done!

Dr. Alicia Monroe was awarded the Distinguished Leadership Award. Alicia took the time to tell us about what EACE means to her:

“If you look at the EACE mission, some keywords that pop are develops, facilitates, connects, and serves. The core values of EACE reflect these dynamic keywords and then some. EACE, for me, is real space and real community. Members, regardless of title or professional affiliation, willingly share their expertise, work collaboratively, and inspire and encourage one another. I cherish the relationships and network that I have established through EACE and look forward to attending our annual conference in Reston, VA. We work hard and play a bit, too.”

The recipient of the outstanding new member award went to Stefano Verdesoto. Here is what Stefano has to say about his time within EACE so far:

“EACE has played a major role in my personal and professional development.  I first joined the organization three years ago while in graduate school.  Since then, I attended events, joined a committee, began attending annual conference, and then moved to co-chair of public relations, all while making great connections and good friends along the way.  Earning the 2017 Outstanding New Member Award was an absolute honor.  I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I have received during my first three years, and I am excited to continue my involvement with EACE throughout my career.”

Christine Cervelli was the thoroughly deserved winner of this year’s Outstanding Member Award. Christine shared with us some insight into her time as part of EACE:

“Being involved with EACE has been one of the professional highlights of my career.  My first experience with EACE was at a conference and I truly enjoyed the networking and support I received as a newcomer.  I signed up for a committee and continued working with EACE as a Co-Chair in different committees for the last few years.  I have developed relationships with career center colleagues and employers that probably would not have been possible without EACE. Being selected for the Outstanding Member Award last year was truly an honor.  I have enjoyed all of the time I have been involved with EACE and look forward to being involved in the future.”

Kimberly Dixon was the recipient of the Innovation in Diversity and Inclusion Award. Kimberly, and her team at Stony Brook University Career Center created the Diversity Career Preparation Program Series. In response to a growing need to support employers with diversity recruiting initiatives, and Kimberly Dixon’s passion to prepare underrepresented students for the world of work, Kimberly developed the Diversity Professional Leadership Network (DPLN) in 2008. Students are paired with professionals for mentoring, and guaranteed interviews with partnering organizations to pipeline talent. Past participants have gone on to work at organizations including Barclays, GE, Viacom, NBA, Texas Instruments, and Target to name a few. Based on the outstanding results as well as positive feedback from our corporate sponsors, the Diversity Career Preparation Series will continue to be showcased as a signature diversity program on campus.

Deserved Tribute Award winner, Robbin Beauchamp, gives us a look into her journey with EACE:

“When I was relatively new to the career services field, my then-director insisted her staff get involved with EACE.  For me, this meant, among other things, taking advantage of the Professional Exchange visits.  I could travel and see the inner workings of organizations that I would not have had access to if not for EACE. Because of the networking I did while on Professional Exchange visits, I forged relationships with members that allowed me to expand my participation in EACE to become a member and then co-chair of committees, including Professional Exchange.  This involvement allowed me to be elected twice to the board of directors.  These experiences helped me to become a better career services practitioner and ultimately, an effective director and chief career services officer. Honestly, I owe my career to the people of EACE and it all started with going on a few Professional Exchange visits.”

And finally, Springfield College received the Innovation in Program Development Award. Scott Dranka is able to give us a little look at how EACE benefits an entire staff:

“The Springfield College Career Center has greatly benefited from EACE’s professional resources and offerings including but not limited to the annual conference, a highly visible and informative social media presence, supportive webinars, a comprehensive website, the Road Trips to the Real World series, employer site visits, and being able to share best practices and dialogue with fellow EACE members. Having comprehensive EACE resources, in all platforms, has allowed our team to stay current with career-development and employment trends, gain further knowledge of upcoming concepts and growth areas, and be informed of innovative programming and engaged learning opportunities that we continuously review and incorporate into our daily work in the Career Center in order to best inform and support our students, alumni, employers, faculty, and all additional constituents.”

As mentioned, these awards are nominated by your fellow peers and EACE members. Our 2018 awards will be presented at the EACE 2018 Conference in Reston, VA, so why not nominate someone who you think is as deserving as our recipients above.

Nominations are open now through Jan. 26th :

Chloe J. McILwaine is a Career Consultant for Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at University of Pittsburgh Office of Career Development and Placement Assistance.  Chloe is an active member of the EACE PR Committee and the EACE Awards and Research Grants Committee.

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