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My Niagara Experience with EACE

By Noelle Brown

I have happily been a part of EACE for the past 3 years! My journey with EACE started in Pittsburgh 3 years ago, when my director at the time, Sarah Todd, thought it might be a good idea to submit a presentation to speak at the annual conference. Our presentation was accepted as a speed learning session, and we got to present about our digital badge online class that we created for Eastern University. I left that conference feeling totally refreshed and energized, and it was easily one of the BEST conferences I had ever been to! From the interesting speakers and presentations, to the exciting new exhibitors I hadn’t heard of before, to all the networking activities throughout the 3 days that we were in Pittsburgh, I knew then that I would be returning as an EACE member the following year!

Fast forward to this 2017 conference year, I had made a career transition from working in career development in higher education, to working in Human Resources in a more corporate role. The transition wasn’t an easy one, and I found that it ended up complicating my membership with EACE. I knew without a doubt that I still wanted to be involved with this year’s conference even after making a career move, especially because I had the opportunity this year to co-chair the Newcomer’s/Hospitality committee! With all that being said, I have to give a HUGE thank you to the EACE Board and leadership team for selecting me to receive the Professional Development Grant! It would have been much more difficult for me to get to Niagara this year had it not been for you all!

I truly think this year’s conference was the best one yet! Niagara Falls was the perfect location, and allowed for me to visit a new location I’d never been before! From hosting the Newcomer’s Lunch, to leading the pack for the Walk to the Falls program, to listening to Ali Joyce’s presentation about the Chaos Theory, and of course dancing the night away for Entertainment night at the Culinary Institute with the BEST DJ in the biz -(shout out ‘007!) I can honestly say this has been one of my favorite EACE conferences yet, and I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store!

For next year’s 2018 conference in Reston, VA (my hometown!!!!!) I plan on being involved again in any professional development opportunities offered through EACE, and would like to co-chair another committee! 2018’s conference will be a special one for me, as I was born and raised in Reston, VA and am excited for all the EACE members to get to explore the beautiful city of Reston. There are ample opportunities for employer partnerships, sponsorships, and awesome keynote speakers! Cheers to 20 years one more time, and see you all next year in Virginia!

Noelle Brown was a recipient of a 2017 Professional Development Grant.  She attended the EACE Conference in Niagara Falls, NY in June 2017.

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