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Online Assessment Hub

By Matt Cardin, Director, St. John Fisher College

Since its transition from a task force to an official EACE committee in 2016, the Outcomes and Assessment committee has been hard at work creating programs and resources for the membership.  One of the ideas pioneered by the committee has been the creation of an online Assessment Resource Hub, where EACE members can access tools and resources, as well as, share files pertaining to assessment practices at their career center.  EACE members can find rubrics, evaluation forms, surveys, reports and PowerPoints related to assessment.  You can access the Resource Hub through the EACE website on the Resources tab.  From the Resource tab, select Assessment Resource Hub, you will need to be signed into the site as a member, and then you will be able to enter the hub and view the resources.  Any EACE member can contribute to the collection of online assessment resources by completing this short submission form.  Please submit original items only.  We cannot accept copyrighted materials.  The Resource Hub is strengthened through member participation and all members are encouraged to submit and share resources.

As the demand for assessment continues to grow, the Resource Hub will help you generate ideas and solutions to the challenges that you face on your campus. The Outcomes and
AssessEACE Assessment Screen Shotment Committee is excited to announce the Resource Hub and is confident it will become a valuable benefit of EACE membership.  The vision for the Resource Hub is that it will inspire members and serve as a model that can be adapted by others to share resources and expertise on other topics related to our field.  It is the beginning of a new member tool that will get better overtime with member participation.  As our own assessment practices continue to improve so will the resources and ideas that we share.  Questions about the online Assessment Resource Hub can be directed to Matt Cardin, Director, Career Center at St. John Fisher College at

cardinMatt Cardin is the Director of the Career Center at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. He has over 15 years of experience in the field.

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