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Launching Your Legacy with EACE

Jeffery Alston is the Assistant Director of Employer Relations, The College of Brockport, Office of Career Services. He received the EACE research grant in 2016 for work on “Ethnic Minority Student Usage of Career Services .” We can’t wait to hear more on Jeffery’s research when he completes the project at the end of June 2017. Until then read up on Jeffery’s thoughts and progress.

jeffrey-alston-headshotReceiving the EACE Research Grant is a tremendous accomplishment.  Creating content that contributes to the field of Career Services is exciting.  As I encounter students in various places on campus, I’m amazed at the questions that pop into my head.  One of those questions was how do ethnic minority students use Career Services on their campus.  Since starting my doctorate education at The University of Rochester, this has been a guiding question for me.

Currently, I am still in the early phases of the research study.  There is a group of people called “IRB” and sometimes they can be viewed as the rabbit hole of the academic research world.  I took the initial leap and I’m still tumbling down.  It feels like the rabbit hole because there are revisions or request for additional information.  I say to myself, “didn’t I already send you this” or I say, “I said this already”.  As I make the adjustments and continue on with the study, there is this other factor that creeps in; LIFE and this activity I do 5 days a week called my JOB.  

Although I’m experiencing these things, I understand it’s only making my research study stronger.  This experience is also providing insight into what life will be like as a scholar/practitioner.  The goal from this point is to pull myself up by the bootstraps and get through this IRB process.  Thinking about it, it might be challenging to pull myself up after Thanksgiving, but it will only make my research muscles that much stronger.  

Until next time EACE’ers.  

Submitted by: Jeffrey Alston

launchlegacyHow will you #LaunchYourLegacy? Learn about the Research Grant and Apply by March 1, 2017.   The EACE Research Grant is designed to encourage research and assessment within our field and share models that demonstrate design and outcomes.  The research grant, in the amount of $2,000, will assist EACE members in conducting research and assessment within the field of career services or recruiting. Proposals for the research grant will include an outline for the year-long time frame as well as a plan for execution of the research, and methods for assessment of outcomes.


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