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Time-worthy Training

By: Cynthia Nichols, Associate Director of Career Education, Arcadia University, Genside, PA

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend several EACE conferences.   After attending an EACE forum my passion for career education is replenished.  The programming is so uplifting that I always return to work excited about the possibilities. The work we do gives each of us an opportunity to provide meaningful support to college students. Though we all strive to add value to our individual populations, we each offer a distinct perspective to the career education process.  As a premier conference, EACE gives its members a chance to tap into the wisdom of like-minded professionals.  That’s what makes attending the EACE conference so inspiring.  It fortifies attendees with innovative ways to successfully propel each student through his or her own, unique career planning journey.  The EACE conference is produced by industry experts who are dedicated to helping career development professionals reach their full potential.  Kudos to EACE for connecting its members to such timely and relevant information.


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