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EACE Professional Exchange Visit: An Employer’s View

By: John N. Racho, John Galt Staffing, Inc.

When Angelique Kim, the EACE’s Director of Recruitment approached me about hosting a Professional Exchange visit this summer, I immediately said yes and soon thereafter wondered what I had gotten myself into.  As an optimist, it’s a usual pattern of mine to reflexively say yes to possibilities.  Well, all of us at John Galt Staffing are so grateful to have opened our doors to the EACE, because we have found the possibilities to be endless.

For two hours Angelique and representatives from nine colleges toured our facility, met our employees and learned about our industry, company and culture.  It was such a great opportunity for us because I would have been happy to have scheduled such a meeting at any of their individual campuses, and here they were all coming to us!

The temptation to wind up a sales pitch makes itself evident at such a rare occasion as a captive audience under your roof.   But since our wheelhouse is honesty and transparency, education rather than persuasion was the theme of the day.    Here’s what I was hoping to communicate…

  • Pinpoint who would be successful in our INDUSTRY and be brutally honest about who would not. Having been a Recruiter for over 20 years, I have been evangelizing for a profession that I love.  The flip side of the coin is that I have also witnessed a fair share of turnover in the industry over the years.  Reconciling the two distinctly different outcomes was a great discussion toward identifying who a Career Services professional would recommend, and just as importantly NOT recommend for a career in Recruiting.
  • Provide a crystal-clear view into our COMPANY and our “championship” CULTURE. While John Galt Staffing has several “Best of” awards, that doesn’t explain what it takes to be successful at our firm.  While many companies generically promise to be a great employer for all, we strive to be an employer of choice for those that are committed to excelling.  So we are entirely self-aware that we are not going to be for everyone, and conversely own the fact that we are competing for a select few.  Therefore, going beyond the standard company tour by sharing our interview and screening process in detail, and then conducting a Q&A session with our Training class was not only informative, it was imperative to communicating our culture.

I hope that being able to show everyone our industry and environment in-person fostered an understanding better than my words could ever describe.

One of the college representatives who I already knew extolled the value of “coming into our world”, and how the experience will help her better communicate our positions to their students.  Some are arranging for me to speak on campus.  Another is already gearing up to set up interviews at an upcoming event.

I also learned so much more about the visiting institutions in return.  As a result of our exchange, we discovered new recruiting possibilities.  In fact, we have invested resources in an out-of-state college job fair that previously wasn’t on our radar as a direct result of the relationship built at the visit.

Old partnerships strengthened, and new ones forged.  Mission accomplished EACE!  So glad I said yes to hosting you.

The EACE Delegation and John Galt training class.

The EACE delegation and John Galt training class.


About Author

John Racho has worked in the technical recruiting industry since 1994, and is a co-founding Principal of John Galt Staffing, a technical recruiting industry leader specializing in Engineering, IT, Manufacturing and Clinical/Life Sciences.  John oversees John Galt’s hiring and training program.

Additionally, John serves on the Boards of Trustees for ITT Technical Institute and Daniel Webster College.    John graduated from Boston University’s School of Management with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.





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