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Company Site Visits: A Great ROI

By: John Racho

When it comes to recruiting college students, there are a number of engagement activities that employers can pursue.  These opportunities can range from recruitment to branding.  Recruitment activities are designed for employers that have positions that they are looking to fill such as career fairs, information tables, and on-campus interviews.  Branding activities are designed for those employers that would like to build a relationship with an institution to raise brand awareness.  These activities include class presentations, student club presentations, guest speaking engagements, and company site visits.

Every summer, the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE) hosts the Professional Exchange Visit program.  This program provides companies the opportunity to host a site visit open to the EACE membership.  Organizations can build relationships with members to meet its needs, whether it be recruitment, brand awareness, or business development.  Site visits generally consist of a company overview, tour, Q&A session, and an employee meet and greet.

During the week of July 12th, 2016, the Greater Boston area served as the host city for four of these site visits.

ALKU Technologies, located in Andover, MA and voted as a “Best Place to Work” by the Boston Business Journal, kicked off the week.  Marissa Gomes, Internal Recruiting Coordinator, had this to say about the day:

I could not have been more thrilled to find out that members of EACE were interested in visiting our organization during their summer series of Professional Exchange Visits.  I had been hearing so many great things about EACE, and, as a current member of VACE, knew that getting involved and scheduling a visit was a no-brainer!  Brenda Campbell’s facilitation throughout the planning process was incredibly helpful.  As a smaller company with large populations of employees from UNH (New Hampshire) and UMass Amherst, ALKU was so happy to have received the opportunity to meet, speak, and laugh with representatives from colleges and universities that we’ve had a great deal of interest in as our recruiting efforts expand across the east.  ALKU’s employees, often referred to as the “ALKrew”, truly enjoy sharing their stories, passion, and energy with those that play a large role in helping the ALKrew grow.  Through EACE’s Professional Exchange Site Visit, ALKU was able to foster budding relationships with teams that work directly with the students that will end up leaders of the company!  Gulls, Hawks, Big Red Bears, students from LRC Advisors, and more – we cannot wait to recruit you!

AK Pic 1

AK Pic 2

Photo Credit: Brendan Campbell, Endicott College

Next up on the agenda was a WeWork Co-Working Spaces Visit hosted by Door of Clubs in South Boston.  This was a different kind of visit, where both employer and college members could participate.  Participants received a day in the life of a start-up.

AK Pic 3

AK Pic 4

Photo Credit: Douglas Eisenhart, Simmons College

The third visit of the week brought participants to John Galt Staffing, located in Burlington, MA and another Boston Business Journal “Best Place to Work.”  John Racho, Principal, shared the staffing agency’s unique interviewing and recruiting philosophy with an emphasis on fit.

AK Pic 5
Photo Credit: Angelique Jim, LRC Advisors

The last visit of the week took place at Medical Information Technology, Inc., MEDITECH, located in Foxborough, MA.  MEDITECH is a Massachusetts-based software and service company selling information systems that are installed in health care organizations.

AK Pic 6.jpg

Photo credit: Sarah Mockler, Saint Anslem College

If you are an organization that hasn’t participated in or even considered hosting a company site visit, you may be missing out.  Host a site visit today to enhance your talent pipeline!  Join EACE for 100% access!

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