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Professional Advising: The Practitioner’s Turn

Evaluating your work circumstances on a regular basis is a good exercise in professional development. Look at your resumé (just like we direct students to do!) and determine if you are on a path that fits your aspirations. If you are, wonderful; keep doing what you have been doing to stay on track. If you are not, though, there are some options you can entertain while you assess where you have been and where you want to go.

Option 1 – Do nothing and accept your life as status quo. Perhaps you cannot envision making change at all due to specific life circumstances and for right now, it is what it is.
Option 2 – Read your resumé with an objective, critical eye and identify ways you can grow both in your job and within the field. Follow up and through with your intentions.
Option 3 – Talk to your supervisor and/or other mentors in your professional life whom you trust, to discuss what is and is not working, so you can make appropriate decisions.

In an ideal world, options 2 and 3 come together for you, seamlessly and effortlessly. However, for many of us, there can be obstacles that prevent us from moving forward within our organization or from finding an objective ear. When this dynamic occurs, EACE has the Professional Transition Advisor (PTA) program.

Formed as a way to provide EACE members with objective, unbiased options from experienced professionals in both the Educator and Employer realms, the PTA program has been a successful way to connect people for a specific purpose. The Advisors are members of the association who want to help others in a manner that is time and personnel sensitive. The Advisee looks to the Advisor for advice on topics such as career ladders, Managing Up, and changing career trajectories. Typically, the Advising appointments are 30-60 minute conversations, up to three times, though the pair may choose to shorten or lengthen the conversations as deemed necessary. Advisors are paired with Advisees by an impartial member of the Professional Connections committee, with directions to meet or converse by phone or in person.

Interested? Go to the EACE website to register as an Advisee or Advisor.

Want to learn more and talk to someone? Please contact Lisa Sydney  or Rita DiCarlo for more information on this and other Professional Connections Committee options.

By: Beth Settje, Associate Director, Center for Career Development at the University of Connecticut

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