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Meet the EACE Board members!

Thank you to everyone that voted in this year’s election. We are excited to welcome 5 new members to the board. We hope you are too. New board members always means something new for the organization as they bring their ideas, best-practices, and energy into their terms.

Interacting through contributing blog posts, Twitter chats, and networking at the yearly conference is how I found my way onto the board. The more I knew, the more I wanted to be involved.  The reason so many people love EACE is for our close-knit, family-like, connections which is why the Tech Committee is hosting a Twitter chat to meet current and oncoming board members. EACE is a family and the board is part of it.  We love hearing from our members and love meeting them even more. EACE_TwitterLogoWe hope you will join us on Tuesday May 10th to get to know more about what the EACE board does and who we are.

And, if you are a newcomer to the conference this year in Philly, we look forward to meeting you at the newcomer’s lunch! It’s a great way to start the conference and your connection into the EACE family.

Twitter Chat Details:

#EACE Twitter Chat: Meet the Board!
Tuesday, May 10th 12-1pm EST

Ever wonder what it takes to become an EACE Board Member?  What goes on behind the scenes?  How can you get involved?  May 10th is your chance to meet current and incoming EACE board members through our Twitter Chat.  Join Kimberlee Swartz, @KimberleeSwartz, as she leads this conversation with 10+ board members.  Just include #EACE in your tweets!  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to engage and lead with #EACE!

We are looking forward to a great conversation on May 10th and continuing it in Philadelphia in June!

About the Author:
3.15MeganPicMegan Wolleben has worked at the Bucknell University Career Development Center since 2007, where she is currently an Assistant Director. She is responsible for the marketing and communications of the office, as well as manages the department’s social media presence. She is the serves on the EACE Board of Directors as the Public Relations & Blog Director. She is a co-author of the “Career Counselor’s Guide to Social Media”. Megan earned her B.A. and Master’s in Communication from Fordham University. 

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