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Tips on how to serve your LGBTQIA population

In the ever changing landscape called the world of work, LGBTQIA students have experiences that are unique to their peers.  I wanted to share some resources and tips to help your LGBTQIA student population successfully navigate the challenges it may face as a transgender or non-gender conforming individual.

Tips to Assist with Their Search

According to the article “How to Manage a Job Search as a Transgender Candidate” by Jada A. Graves  featured in U.S. News & World Report online, from the onset, LGBTQIA students would have to make a decision for themselves on how to handle disclosure of their identity.  They can rely on their networks for advice and to find positions that are best suited for them.  From there, they can attend job fairs and meet with potential employers.  They can research those employers to check-in on their diversity initiatives.  Once the student makes it through the door for that interview, it is okay to state that he/she does not feel comfortable answering a question and that the preference would be to discuss the qualifications of the job.  It is also recommended that students be choosy with their references.

Resources for LGBT Friendly Positions

There are a number of resources that students can use as a reference to seek positions.  There are the Simply Hired’s Work it “Out,” GLP Careers, and the Out and Equal websites where students can search for positions within LGBT friendly organizations.  The Human Rights Campaign has a ranking of LGBT friendly employers and also has a list of LGBTQIA+ job fairs.

Resources for Career Centers

There are a number of our peer institutions that are doing great work in this space and have resources for career services professionals on how to help LGBTQIA students look for work.  You can refer to the websites for Brandeis University and Rochester Institute of Technology for additional tips and resources.  These resources include tips on topics ranging from preferred name usage in the job search process to how to engage in the workforce once employed.

As career services professionals, we are called to serve all of our students by helping them prepare for the world of work and to start them off on their career journey towards a fulfilling career.

Written by: Angelique Kim, Associate Director of Employer Relations with Salem State University

Angelique Kim was a Recruiter in the University Relations space in the private sector.  She is nowtorres_kim_angelique the Associate Director of Employer Relations with Salem State University.  Prior to joining the Salem State Team, Angelique was the Employer Outreach Specialist at Endicott College within the Career Center where she built the foundation for the Employer Outreach Initiative.  She has served on the Board of the Career Counselors Consortium, Northeast and currently serves on the Road Trips to the Real World and Professional Exchange Visits Committees through the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE).  She presented during the EACE Annual Conference in May 2013.  Angelique holds her MA in Organizational and Corporate Communication from Emerson College. Angelique is a connector and has a passion for helping others by making connections that fulfills the needs of both students and employers.

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