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Employer Spotlight: Roc Search & Starpoint Solutions

Partners for this Employer Spotlight:
Jessica Bode, Recruitment Consultant at Roc Search, Frankfurt, Germany (JB)


and Christine Truong, Talent Coordinator at Starpoint Solutions, Boston, Mass. (CT)


Q1) Do you use social media to recruit new candidates for your positions?
JB1. We use various social media including XING (only used in Germany), LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We actually just hired a social media expert who is going to take us to the next level!

CT1. Yes, LinkedIn and Facebook to recruit new candidates.

Q2) Which platforms and how might candidates make their profiles stand out in a positive light?
JB2. All of these platforms help find various candidates all over the world. All of these platforms help a candidate stand out, but what is best is always clear and concise job goals, an easy to read profile, and an easy way to reach them.

CT2. LinkedIn is the best platform and to make their profile stand out, if they are in a creative sector, have a link to their portfolio. If they are in IT, healthcare, or other sectors like marketing and accounting, a profile pic on LinkedIn always is a big help. Their summary is what captures them and when they are writing back to recruiter, be excited about the position. That’s the key role.

Q3) When deciding on candidates do you search for them on social media?
JB3. Yes and no. We have a wide range of options including our own database and internal networking that we can use as well.

CT3. When deciding to search for a candidate, I just briefly write a general status and to reach out to me if they’re interested

Q4) Have you done interviews via Skype, FaceTime or some other program that has the candidate speaking to you via a camera?
JB4. I have done multiple interviews with Skype. It is sometimes easier (and cheaper for internationals candidates) to get a good view of how someone reacts to tough questions.

CT4. Skype yes, but they should dress for the part, ALWAYS!

Q5) Are there any new recruitment trends you see coming up on the horizon due to social media, new technology, or some other force in recruiting?
JB5. This is a great question. I think more social media activity is going to be huge. More specifically, Facebook and Twitter. Both of these networks are mainly for private use and people are more honest, which will be great for recruiters to see how a candidate “ticks.” Hmm…I am not sure about technologies, but I know that conferences and personal meetings are something that I plan on doing to get to know candidates better.

CT5. YES! There are always new trends in recruiting. Only because when technologies change, recruiting does too.

About the Author:
11.10Periscope2Matthew French acquired his M.A in Lifespan & Digital Communication in 2014 from Dominion University where he studied the intersections of identity, digital communication and media. He currently works as a Career Counselor and the Employer Liaison at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. Matthew engages with the Marymount Manhattan Community and all their employers through the use of social media and digital technologies. When working outside of Career Services he works as a freelance social media guru educating non-profits, the private sector, and small businesses on how social media can be used to build their brand. Connect with Matt on Twitter at @MattCareer.

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