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Why I love EACE!

In my short time as a career services professional, I have had the opportunity to join local, regional, and national professional associations.  Some for career services, others for human resources and student affairs.  Through my involvement, I have learned that all professional associations have respective benefits.  At the end of the day, however, my all-time favorite is definitely EACE!

I joined the organization as a second-year graduate student after attending a drive-in conference in New York City.  At the time, I attended school full-time in Buffalo, NY.  Had I not traveled to this drive-in conference, I would have never experienced the organization first-hand, or most importantly, met some key players in my own professional development.  At this drive-in conference, I met other aspiring professionals, as well as seasoned administrators, who encouraged me to join and become involved.  Fast forward two years later, and I can now say that I have served on a committee, co-facilitated an EACE event, and now have the privilege of serving as Co-Chair of the Public Relations (PR) Committee.  EACE has truly allowed me grow as a professional by allowing me to meet new people, get involved, and take on leadership roles.  That is why I love EACE!

How about you?  During the month of February, we invite you to share what you love about EACE for a chance to win a $100 pizza party for your office!  To participate, simply print out this page, write in your love, and post it as a photo on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #EACE.  We will announce a winner in early March!  Questions?  Feel free to Tweet us @EACEPR.

2.9BiopicAbout the author: Stefano Verdesoto serves as Assistant Director of External Relations at Hofstra University’s Career Center.  His work focuses on employer outreach, business development, and relationship management.  Stefano received his Master of Education (Ed.M.) in Higher Education Administration and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication and Sociology from the University at Buffalo.  Outside of higher education and career services, Stefano enjoys greasy food, good tunes, and funny people.  Follow him on Twitter @gsverdesoto.

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