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EACE: Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Shanley, Fidelity Investments

What was your career path to get your current role? 
I started my career at Fidelity supporting recruiters with scheduling interviews, managing candidate offer letters and also helping with our intern program event series. Since then, my career has grown within the firm and I am now accountable for managing relationships with colleges and universities across New England as the liaison between potential talent and open roles within the firm.

What was your first job?
I joined Fidelity immediately after graduating from Fairfield University in 2004, so my first full-time role was in Talent Acquisition.

Why did you choose this career?
During my senior year of college, I completed an HR internship. The position was in a small company, so I was fortunate in that I was exposed to and able to support different dimensions of the HR practice. While I enjoyed many elements of the field, through this experience, recruiting definitely rose to the top in terms of my interest and skill level. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to speak with prospective applicants to learn more about them and how they might be a good fit with the firm’s culture.

What is the skill that is most important in your current role?
In my role, I am working with many partners across the firm and externally, so strong communication and relationship management skills are the top two capabilities.

How did you develop this skill and how do you fine-tune it regularly?
My experience through college, internships, and my career at Fidelity has provided ample opportunity to cultivate these skills. As the relationship manager for our target schools in the New England area, it’s extremely important to maintain strong relationships with our career center partners and various faculty members in order to ensure that they understand the culture and opportunities at Fidelity and can help me to identify and recruit the best talent for the firm.

Did you have a mentor?
Yes, and having a mentor to help guide my career has been an important contributing factor to my growth.

What is your biggest career accomplishment?
I’ve been asked to serve on many panels to discuss college recruitment trends and I always love sharing best practices along with learning more from my colleagues across different industries about the college recruiting landscape.

What is your advice to students looking for their first job?
Networking is crucial to anyone’s career. Use your contacts to learn about their careers and ask them to share advice on searching for a job right out of school. Any interaction you have can be a networking opportunity, whether that means making a connection, pitching yourself or just sharing your story and asking for advice.

What is your advice to young professionals in the field who aspire to your current role?
Try to get an internship in the area of your interest as early as possible. An internship will help guide you to what you enjoy for a future career.

What was the best career advice you have ever received?
Find someone who you feel comfortable with and trust to be your mentor. Your mentor will be your best advocate and can guide you as you make important decisions about your career.

What would you like colleagues to know about your organization?
At Fidelity Investments, our associates can find the opportunity to build a career, develop professionally, and explore opportunities. Fidelity is a large, diversified company that prides itself on its innovative spirit and commitment to integrity. For students who are looking for their first job after college, Fidelity has opportunities across a variety of fields, from technology to finance to marketing, and more. These roles could be the right fit now, and provide the prospect of growth in the future. If interested in working at Fidelity, please visit us at

About the Author: Elizabeth Shanley has worked at Fidelity Investments within the Talent Acquisition organization in a variety of roles for 11 years. Elizabeth graduated from Fairfield University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.  She now is the College Relations Manager supporting the Northeast region. In her role as a College Relations Manager, Elizabeth partners with various groups at our target schools including the Career Center Staff, Professors, Department Chairs, Deans and Student Organizations in order to brand Fidelity Investments as an Employer of Choice.

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