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What is Periscope?

I’m sitting at my desk with my iPhone camera leaned up against my desk fan answering questions via a livestream from the Marymount Manhattan College Community and around the world. When I first encountered Periscope I was amazed at its simplicity. You can just talk to the camera or give viewers a look at what’s happening as you walk down the street. It’s a new social media tool that allows users a glimpse into what your Career Center is doing. It’s more engaging than Tweets or status updates and allows for your office to literally be beamed around the world, FOR FREE!

What is Periscope?
Periscope, is an app used for live streaming or viewing content live. Anyone from around the world is able to click on your little circle of the world and begin watching and engaging. You can sign up easily by connecting the account to your Twitter. When you start to record there is an option to have an automatic Tweet sent out letting those followers know you are Periscoping. There are also other features such as turning off your location and creating a private broadcast.

How can you use the app?
I first thought of integrating the app into our Career Fair. I gave our work study my phone and told her to walk around the fair filming and to ask for permission of employers and students to interview them about the fair, about their company, how the event was going, etc. In all, my student recorded 14 videos ranging in times of 30 seconds to 7 minutes. These videos could have been used later as marketing for our Career Fairs, however we didn’t realize you had to turn on the automatic save option in order for your videos to stay on your phone. We also use it for smaller events around campus for example our Employer Spotlight Series. In these discussions the employer is interviewed about what jobs they are offering, where they can be contacted, and any relevant questions asked by viewers. Notice I said relevant. We must remember that like all tools of the Internet there are those that don’t play nice. If you should encounter these “trolls” you do have the ability to block them from your livestream.

11.10Periscope2I have also Periscoped from my desk for about 20 minutes answering questions as a career counselor. I engaged with both students and parents in the conversation. What was even better is we had others from Britain, Australia, and Russia online asking and answering questions as well. It was very successful and a program I hope to implement more in the future.


  • NEVER record someone without their consent. It’s even better to have photo release forms handy. For large events you can do feet shots, shots of materials, etc to avoid the hundreds of faces at your events.
  • Make sure you work with your college/university point person for social media.
  • Give your livestream an engaging and interesting title.
  • Your video remains live for viewing 24 hours after you complete the video.
  • Read Periscopes Terms of Service because whatever you livestream does allow them to use it for licensing.
  • Attach your Periscope to your Twitter to have more of those followers watch your livestream.

About the Author:
Matthew French acquired his M.A in Lifespan & Digital Communication in 2014 from Old Dominion University where he studied the intersections of identity, digital communication and media.  He currently works as a Career Counselor and the Employer Liaison at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. Matthew engages with the Marymount Manhattan Community and all their Employers through the use of social media and digital technologies. When working outside of Career Services he works as a freelance social media guru educating non-profits, the private sector, and small businesses on how social media can be used to build their brand. Connect with Matt on Twitter at @MattCareer.

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