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The Professional Work Study Student

The Career Center is the bridge between the University and the Community. Many Career Centers have students that work in their office that assist in building that bridge. Work study students (and/or Graduate or Intern) are often the first point of contact for many coming to the office. As a representative for the Career Center, it is important to model professionalism to all constituents— students, faculty, alumni, employers and community. As a representative of the office, whether talking on the phone to an employer, assisting a student that needs help in their job search or assisting a faculty member looking for resources, it is important for the student to display professionalism. Thus it is very important to have a training program for students working in the Career Center regarding attire, being courtesy, being accountable, and taking the extra step to assist all visitors to the office. Letting the students know that their position in the office is very critical to the operations of the office is very important. Training for students is essential and should areas in:

  • Accountability: being punctual, dependable, and responsible for actions and assignments.professionalism
  • Attire: Wearing appropriate attire that represents The new term “Smart Casual” can be appropriate for the office.
  • Communication: Be respectful, polite, and professional in all communications with co-workers and constituents.
  • Courtesy: Treat others as you want to be Go the extra mile to provide assistance to those that enter the door.

Often students don’t think of work study as a job, but it is a job—a resume, portfolio builder. Training our students to be professional in the on-campus jobs is essential and makes the transition easier going into their profession after college.


Smart Casual: Looking Smart in the Office and on Campus. Becca Scott.

How to be a Successful Student Employee. Central Washington University. (PDF)


Carolyn Sutphin, Radford University Career Center. Employer Relations/Events Coordinator. Masters from Radford in Educational Technology. Employed for 34 at Radford. Enjoy working on websites and other technology.

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