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Demystifying Sales as a Career with HubSpot

By: Angelique Kim, Salem State University

Are you looking for a career where you can carve your own path while developing foundational skills in negotiation, persuasion, marketing, and other soft skills that will last you a lifetime? Do you have a competitive edge and a high level of achievement and drive to succeed?

If the answer to these questions for you is ‘Yes,’ then a career in sales may be for you.

In my role as the Associate Director of Employer Relations with Salem State University Career Services, I have been fortunate to make connections between students and employers. I have worked with a number of organizations from a variety of industries with great entry-level roles in sales that often get overlooked. Ultimately, organizations can’t hire the talent they need to meet deliverables and candidates miss out on a great career opportunity.

I sought out organizations with opportunities in sales to demystify the field. One of those organizations is HubSpot. Here is one story from a new HubSpotter that gives insight into the world of sales.

John Ippolito joined HubSpot in the summer of 2015. HubSpot has established itself as the leading provider of inbound marketing solutions, attracting clients to its website by generating relevant, personalized, and creative content. Since its founding in 2006, the company has been named as a Best Place to Work in 2014 by Glassdoor with four locations and over 785 employees worldwide. HubSpot serves over 15,000 customers in over 90 countries.

Tell me about yourself.                                                               

I am from Northvale, New Jersey. I lived in New York City for a few years where I held a sales internship.

I started a Sales and Business Development student club at Boston College, where I was a student. I

started the club as a way to demystify sales and find opportunities for students interested in sales.

Tell me about your role.

I am a Business Development Representative with HubSpot. In this role, I am the front-line sales representative reaching out to marketing agencies to help them realize how our partner program can help grow their business.

How did you get your career opportunity?

I first heard of HubSpot when I took a marketing class during the fall semester of my senior year. In this class, HubSpot was featured as a case study. After that, networking came into play. MIT hosted a Worldwide Sales Competition where the co-founder of the Sales and Business Development student club and I organized a sales conference. I met Mark Roberge, the Chief Revenue Officer for HubSpot, at this event who later introduced me to other HubSpotters. The rest is history. The integration of the real world and the classroom is important.

What attracted you to HubSpot?

The fact that HubSpot was a great product and a hot, new name was attractive. The opportunity to sell something that I am passionate about has been great. Also, I loved the culture and working for a company with a lot of rock stars and people with “HEART.”

Please describe the training program and experience.

HubSpot first trains new hires on HubSpot, inbound marketing, its product and software. New hires also get a cool experience of working on a project where they get the opportunity to create a business idea using HubSpot software and presenting it to executives. I created Sales U as a result.

Why did you choose sales?

I wanted a career where I can create my own path and master the universal skill called sales.

How will starting out in sales advance your career?

After speaking with entrepreneurs and others in the field, I have discovered that sales is a skill you need to attain goals.

What advice would you give to current job seekers?

Look for your first boss rather than your first job. If possible, meet with your boss before you accept a position, whether it be by having coffee or during the interview process. Katie Ng-Mak, my manager at HubSpot, hired me because of my potential to grow within the company. That sealed the deal for me to join HubSpot. Your first boss can either make or break your career trajectory.

HubSpot hires interns for its fall marketing and software engineering co-op opportunities and recent graduates into its Business Development Representative, Sales Coordinator, and Entry-level HubSpotter roles in both its Cambridge, MA and Portsmouth, NH offices. Interested candidates can submit their resume through HubSpot’s online portal.

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