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We Are Now Trending!

By: Caroline O’Shea, Brandeis University and Lauren Labrecque-Jessen, Brandeis University

Welcome to the new EACE blog. Formerly known as Bridges, the new blog, Trending, remains a place for EACE colleagues to share best practices and have conversations about current trends in the field. Additionally, it is our hope that the blog will serve as a platform to attract a wide audience to include current and future members of the EACE community.  It is our goal to hear from a variety of voices and perspectives. Some of these voices will represent employers, students, alumni and parents, career center staff, and EACE leadership.

Top things to note about the new blog

  1.       We have a new name: Trending
  2.       Our site has a new look and feel. Take a look!
  3.       There are eight members of the EACE Trending blog committee.
  4.       We have developed an expanded set of blog guidelines to make posting easier than ever!
  5.       We hope to use the blog to reach new audiences.
  6.       Use of diverse forms of media is encouraged!
  7.       Guest bloggers wanted!
  8.       We want lots of tweets, reposts, and shares!
  9.       This blog is a place to start a conversation – so comment on the posts and add your two cents!
  10.       We are here to keep you Trending!

Happy reading!EACE-LOGO-high

EACE Blog Committee

  1. Looks great Caroline and Lauren!

    August 31, 2015
    • Thanks @suemlevine. Let us know if you are interested in blogging.

      September 1, 2015

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