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EACE Professional Development Grant

EACE Professional Development Grant awarded to: Madeline Goldman, M.Ed., Graduate Assistant, The Graduate School, Virginia Commonwealth University


I couldn’t believe I had received an EACE Professional Development Grant to attend the 2015 Annual Conference; I was so excited about the opportunity and knew it would mean great things for myself and my institution. I started the conference by attending the Newcomers breakfast and was able to network with newcomers from all over the East coast. We chatted about our different experiences in Career Services and enthusiasm about EACE. At my table was a board member who shared her experiences with EACE and encouraged us to become involved. She had signed up for two committees her first year and increased her involvement each year after that. She shared with us many stories about her fellow EACE colleagues who were now a valuable resource for her both personally and professionally. I could not wait to learn more about EACE so I signed up for the Public Relations Committee myself. I hoped it would help me with my state’s ACE marketing committee and enhance my marketing knowledge about Career Services.

I was also impressed with the employers that I met at EACE. I was able to learn about internships that were available to my students and discover new companies altogether. I relayed all of that information to the Director of Career Services at Virginia Union University (VUU) who was much appreciative and the Internship Manager at VUU began contacting people right away.  The Exhibitor connections were easily made as well; I gathered information on the different vendors and made suggestions to our director about what systems would enhance the Career Services experience for our students. We are in the process of reviewing all of the information and hope to make some changes soon.

The programming was fantastic. I walked away with an enormous amount of useful information that I plan to implement in Career Services. I particularly enjoyed the Networking Styles presentation and felt that something like that could be easily added to our Career Services programming. Students often seem intimidated by networking and this presentation listed specific concrete ways to network effectively. I thought it would be useful for myself and the students I work with.  I also enjoyed the speed learning sessions on Friday morning. The job shadowing model established at University of Pittsburgh seemed like a good idea for our office to follow.  There were so many other fabulous presentations and sessions; I can’t possibly mention them all here. But it has been great being able to access all of the presentations on the EACE Conference app; that made my job even easier and I have been able to follow up with presenters as well.

I enjoyed networking with other professionals from all over the East Coast. I had a fabulous dinner on the Duquesne Incline that gave us a beautiful view of the city of Pittsburgh overlooking three spectacular rivers. I met people from Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts to name a few. We had drinks atop a rooftop bar and I donated to the Boys and Girls Club; what a great cause for EACE! I think they raised almost $4000 for the organization. I liked making new connections and looked forward to seeing colleagues again at future EACE conferences and events.

Madeline Goldman, M.Ed.
Graduate Assistant, The Graduate School
Virginia Commonwealth University
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