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Professional Exchange Visits Series – To Be a HubSpotter takes HEART

EACE Blog contribution by Angelique Torres Kim, Associate Director of Employer Relations

On the afternoon of Tuesday, June 9th, a group of about 37 professionals joined HubSpot for an informative session on how the HubSpotter mantra “use good judgment” along with others truly make HubSpot a special place.

EACE members at the HubSpot headquarters in Cambridge, MA

EACE members at the HubSpot headquarters in Cambridge, MA

HubSpot has established itself as the leading provider of inbound marketing solutions, attracting clients to its website by generating relevant, personalized, and creative content. Since its founding in 2006, the company has been named as a Best Place to Work in 2014 by Glassdoor with four locations and over 785 employees worldwide.  HubSpot serves over 15,000 customers in over 90 countries.

Upon arrival, guests were treated to a company tour.  It was clear from the start that this was an environment that people did not want to leave, with its free food and beverages and casual seating and lounge areas.  Employees are not constrained to the confines of their desks and can pretty much work anywhere.

The tour was then followed by a presentation from Katie Burke, the Director of Talent and Culture.  Katie highlighted that at HubSpot, culture matters and that it had to build an organization that people love.  The interview process involves questions based on the company’s core culture code, HEART: humility, effective, adaptable, remarkable, and transparent.  HubSpot hires on these core values and potential versus skill.  You can check out HubSpot’s culture code.

Guests then heard from a recent grad panel with employees from across the business.  From their stories, it was clear that these employees personified what Katie had already highlighted.  These employees had demonstrated that they were adaptable, resilient, coachable, and honest.  They also had a proven track record of extracurricular activities and a drive for learning.  When asked what set him apart from the rest of the candidates, one employee shared a story of how he was asked if there was one unique skill that he could teach, what it would be.  His chosen skill was break dancing, after which he taught the interview team how to break dance.  A very unique skill indeed!

The afternoon wrapped up with breakout sessions with employees from across the businesses of marketing, sales, service, and engineering support.  Participants were able to ask pointed questions based on areas of interest, the best ways to prepare students, and to share the HubSpot story.

HubSpot truly blew me away.  EACE PE visits are a great way to connect with new employers and really understand their culture, mission and talent needs.  Few people get a chance to speak with hiring managers directly, listen to why recent hires joined a company, or hear from the Director of Culture.  HubSpot’s “HEART” drives individual and team success, and I am excited to help them meet their growing talent needs for college hires – which will double next year for a few core teams.  Thank you EACE!”

– Cary Weir Lytle, Associate Director of Employer Relations, Brandeis University

HubSpot hires interns for its fall marketing and software engineering co-op opportunities and recent graduates into its business development representative and sales coordinator roles and entry-level HubSpotter program in both its Cambridge, MA and Portsmouth, NH offices.  Interested candidates can submit their resume through HubSpot’s online portal.

“We truly enjoyed having the EACE organization visit HubSpot! This group is so passionate to learn about career opportunities companies like HubSpot offer so they can share these opportunities with their students. A program like this is pivotal to the success of hiring top talent at HubSpot and we’re so fortunate to have such a great partner to work with.”

– Justin Hiatt, Director of Global Business Development, HubSpot

Are you interested in a Professional Exchange Visit?  There is still time to register for visits taking place throughout the summer across the eastern seaboard.  Please click here to learn more.


Angelique Kim

Angelique Kim

Angelique Torres Kim was a Recruiter in the University Relations space in the private sector.  She is now the Associate Director of Employer Relations with Salem State University.  Prior to joining the Salem State Team, Angelique was the Employer Outreach Specialist at Endicott College within the Career Center where she built the foundation for the Employer Outreach Initiative.  She has served on the Board of the Career Counselors Consortium, Northeast and currently serves on the Road Trips to the Real World and Professional Exchange Visits Committees through the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE).  She presented during the EACE Annual Conference in May 2013.  Angelique holds her MA in Organizational and Corporate Communication from Emerson College.

Angelique is a connector and has a passion for helping others by making connections that fulfills the needs of both students and employers.


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