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TECH Corner – 5 Instagram Tools To Check Out

EACE Blog contribution by Megan Wolleben, Assistant Director, Bucknell University’s Career Development Center

5 Instagram Tools To Check Out

This post is a fine example of the benefits of EACE and the great relationships formed within this organization. A fellow member, Demetria, and I have worked closely together for the last two years with her role on the EACE Bridges Blog committee and mine on the Tech Committee bringing us in frequent contact. Last month Demetria sent a long a few articles she found on topics she liked and wanted to know more about and suggested perhaps other EACE members would as well. She suggested a blog post and so here I am at your (and Demetria’s) service.  Based on the article that appeared in Ragan’s PR Daily, I am going to talk about 5 of the “13 Instagram tools brands should be using” in today’s post.

I think the second biggest gripe I have with Instagram (the first being no toggle between accounts!) is the desire to schedule posts. I know it’s counter-intuitive to the “insta” part of Instagram but – let’s face it – it’s nice to be able to plan out some posts once in a while or not have your account go dark if you are on vacation.  Here are two tools you can use for scheduling:

  1. ScheduGram: lets you upload and schedule images across multiple Instagram accounts with the added bonus of being able to do it from a desktop. ScheduGram not only offers the ability to manage multiple accounts, it also allows for multiple users and bulk uploads.  Another bonus: ScheduGram offers direct integration with Canva for designing images. The only downside is that it is not our favorite price: free BUT it is very reasonably priced starting at just $5 per week.
  2. Take Off : gives you scheduling capabilities for FREE but is mobile-only and lacks some of the features of ScheduGram. The answer to our need of scheduling is there though and with that the platform also offers help in finding the best time to schedule your posts and suggests  times when they’ll be seen by most of your followers. In addition there is an interesting feature that works to optimize your captions by analyzing your caption and then suggesting “relevant, high discovery hashtags.” Take Off also allows for multiple team members.

The third thing on my list for Instagram may be your number one and that is a way to get stats.

  1. Iconosquare: I am going to start with Iconsquare because it’s most familiar to me after I covered it on our April 2nd Tech Tools Webinar. As I stated in the webinar the features I love about Iconsquare are: rolling month metrics; scores for your love rate, talk rate, spread rate; engagement stats that allow you to see which posts were most liked and had the most comments, and I could go on. Suffice it to say that I like Iconosquare and think you might too.
  2. INK361: Another tool that offers a similar array of features as Iconsquare is INK361. This tool provides stats and the neat ability to add a circle of users and only see their posts (think Google+). You can also print from this tool and comment with emojis (HUGE!). The only negative thing I noticed were more ads on this site than Iconosquare but that can easily be overlooked.

For sharing it’s good old Repost coming in at #5. Repost  is a popular app to use to share other user’s photos or videos while easily giving credit to the original poster. It is good to use if you are or will be doing this often while on mobile. If you mainly repost from desk and want to limit the amount of apps you have, you can also use iconsquare. Either way, having a tool to easily share users photos or videos that you may be tagged in or that pertain to your profile is a must.

A bonus from this article for me was learning about Instagram for Business – I really like the inspiration and resources available here.

I learned about a lot of great tools to use with Instagram from this article so check out all 13 of them.


Megan Wolleben

Megan Wolleben

Megan Wolleben has worked at the Bucknell University Career Development Center since 2007, where she is currently an Assistant Director. She is responsible for the marketing and communications of the office, as well as manages the department’s social media presence. She is the co-chair for EACE’s Technology Committee and a contributing writer to the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) “Tech Talk” column as well as co-author of the “Career Counselor’s Guide to Social Media”. Megan earned her B.A. and Master’s in Communication from Fordham University.

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