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Take us over the top! Former EACE Presidents Join Together for a Great Cause

President’s Challenge…Commitment To the Future

EACE Blog contribution by John Fracchia, Associate Director of Career Services, Ithaca College and 2012-13 EACE President


Small Group of EACE Past Presidents Credit: Helen Brown

Small Group of EACE Past Presidents
Credit: Helen Brown

There are experiences in our lives that sometimes pay rewards, in unexpected ways long after the initial experience has ended.  Such was the case, recently, when EACE Community Service Co-Chair Beverly Lorig approached several former EACE Presidents with the idea of the “President’s Challenge…Commitment To The Future.”  The idea of the challenge was to get all former EACE presidents to contribute to a campaign to raise $2,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Western, PA.  The initiative builds upon an EACE tradition of supporting a charitable effort or organization in the community where the annual conference is held.  Past efforts have supported Veterans Employment in Portland, Maine, Habitat For Humanity in Atlantic City, and the Boys and Girls Club of Annapolis.

While the roots of the association go all the way back to 1926, EACE as an entity has existed since 1997 and there are 17 past-Presidents.  Unfortunately, Beverly only had the names and contact information for 9 of us.  Pretty immediately the 9 responded to the call and thanks, in part, to the History section of the EACE website we were able to build the entire list of past-Presidents.  E-mails flew back and forth and it was during this time that we began to feel the strong sense of connection that is intrinsically exists between individuals who have shared a unique experience.  We caught up with each other, announced when a “missing” past-President had been located, and one by one proudly announced that, “we were in.” At some point we started referring to ourselves by our numbers and it wasn’t uncommon to receive an e-mail saying something like, “12 is in and I’ve been in touch with 7.”  The sense of our shared experience deepened, as did our pride as we remembered the small role that each of us played in steering the organization forward.  For me, it underscored something that I frequently experience and highlight when speaking with someone about EACE: What’s different about us is the strong sense of community that we have.   It  was certainly evident in this initiative!

You may be interested to know that Beverly’s initial message was sent to us on May 5th and on Sunday, May 10 we received the following message, from Ann Davis Goodrum,“#9 is here! Hello friends.  Thanks for providing the opportunity to participate in this great concept of helping and giving back.  I remain proud of EACE as a past president and as an honorary member.”  Ann is retired from the profession, but her words, much like those of other past-Presidents, demonstrate that EACE has been meaningful in our lives and that we remain committed to the association and to the philanthropic goals on which it embarks each year.

bgcwpaThis year, the conference committee hopes to raise $2,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Western, PA and between the 17 past presidents, the current president and 10 other EACE members, we are almost halfway there!  On behalf of the past-Presidents of EACE, I ask you to help take us over the top!  Thanks.

– #15 (a.k.a. John Fracchia)




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