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Tech Corner: Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

EACE contribution by Shannon Kelly Conklin, Associate Director of Assessment and Technology, Temple University Career Center

When I was new to managing social media, I was constantly frustrated by the trial and error when it came to uploading images to different platforms.  The banner was one size, the profile picture another and I could never seem to get it right.   Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn groups offer information on the size of images – but wouldn’t it be nice to have that all in one place?


credit – Temple University Career Center

Thankfully, SproutSocial, a management and engagement platform, felt the pain of social media managers and created a free, incredibly useful spreadsheet with all the image sizes you could need for social media.  Aptly named, the “Always Up-To-Date Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet” is available in Google Docs. You can access it from Google Drive, if you use that tool, or download it and save as an Excel sheet on your computer.

I turn to this cheat sheet constantly when I’m putting together promotional kits for our events which I send to our campus partners.  It also helped me create a few standard templates for our social media accounts – which is a major time-saver during the busy season.

Take advantage of this great cheat sheet and be sure to share the link with others who manage social media, whether they’re part of your institution, organization or a friend!


Shannon Kelly Conklin

Bio – Shannon Kelly Conklin is the Associate Director of Assessment and Technology at Temple University Career Center.  She oversees the communication and technology efforts of the growing center.  Previously, she worked as Associate Director at University of Pennsylvania Career Services where she managed social media for the department and advised College of Arts and Sciences students.  Shannon has won the NACE Innovation Excellence Award in Technology and speaks to groups on personal branding and use of social media in higher education.

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