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Just One More Cup of Coffee……

Just One More Cup of Coffee……

It’s that time of the semester when everyone, students, staff and faculty are ready to head to sunny Florida for warm weather and to get away from the madness.  It’s almost exam time, graduation day and if we have to see one more graduating student that hasn’t started their resume, we’re going to pull our hair out.  Don’t grab another cup of coffee (even though I love my coffee)—take some time for yourself to de-stress.

Take a deep breath and let’s practice some de-stressing techniques:

Listen to music. In terms of stress relief (don’t throw your stapler at a fellow colleague), music can play a powerful role in calming your nerves.

Clean your office.  Having a messy area can leave you feeling distracted and feeling like you have unfinished business.  So you could play “It’s All About the Bass” while you clean your office.

Write in your journal or just doodle.  Write down all the things that are stressing you out—tear it up and throw it in the trash can.  It won’t get rid of your stressors, but it will make you feel better that you took action to relieve some of the stress.

Go shopping or have lunch with a friend.  Spend time with those that make you laugh and bring out the best in you.

Most of all, don’t skip lunch or over extend your time in the office.  Give your mind a break from the office and I hate to say it technology.  You need time to unwind and enjoy the simple things in life.  Take a Yoga class or go to Cold Stone Creamy for a delicious treat.

Take good care of yourself—you’re worth it!


Carolyn Sutphin

Carolyn Sutphin

Carolyn Sutphin

Employer Relations and Events Coordinator

Radford University Career Center

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