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New to you from the Professional Connections Committee

The Professional Connections Committee (PCC) provides programming and services aimed at supporting members’ needs in relation to their professional life cycles through various learning and relationship building opportunities. Check out our EACE page:

We offer one-on-one advising for members going through or about to go through a professional transition through our Professional Connections Advising program. In up to three discussions, the advisee will be able to discuss his or her concerns, goals, and questions. Discussions will be confidential. Fill out our survey: to participate. We are looking for members who would like to be advisors on topics they feel they have extensive experience around to sign- up as well as individuals who would like to be advised on a specific topic.

PCC also provides discussion groups on specific professional transition topics that are member generated.
Fill out our survey: to participate. There is a space for individuals to note if they would like to be a participant or a leader of a transition topic-specific discussion group.

EACE Pittsburgh: We are offering discussion groups at the EACE Conference in Pittsburgh Wednesday evening as part of the dinner on your own option! Sign-up through the survey before the conference or on our sign-up sheets in the hospitality suite the first day of the conference! Last year in Annapolis we had a great discussion about changing from industry to career services.
If you would like more information about upcoming Professional Connections events and programs or to join our committee please contact Lisa Sydney at:

post by Lisa Sydney, Career Counselor, Career Services Center, University of Delaware


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