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How Can I Help You?

EACE Blog contribution by Megan Wolleben, Assistant Director, Bucknell University’s Career Development Center

I am a huge Beatle’s fan but even if you aren’t it is easy to agree that we all “get by with a little help from our friends.” Professionally much of what I have learned has been through talking, sharing, and asking for help from people in my network. So for this blog post I want to take a moment to ask what do you need help with? What do you wish you knew how to do? What skill do you feel you can improve?

The inspiration for this post was inspired by our ever awesome Tech Committee.  On March 10th Rachel Wobrak from the University of Maryland hosted our monthly Twitter Chat. The topic was professional development and how to get it in your office or at your own campus/organization [if you missed it check out on storify]. During the Twitter chat Rachel asked 2 great questions that I wanted to share with a broader audience.

  1. What skills/experiences do you think all career service pros need/want to develop
  2. What are some skills you want to gain?

With such a large community of members maybe someone within EACE can help. Are we all struggling with the same things? Do I know about something that could help others? Be honest here – it is your safe space—and your answers can help us help you. The Tech committee wants to see if we can perhaps compile some resources of helpful links, articles, or tutorials for our EACE friends and perhaps one day we can make a “Favorite Tech Tools” section on the website or the blog. Your answers can also help us take stock of our collective knowledge and see if there are certain topics or themes that arise that we can do a Twitter Chat or a webinar on.

And speaking of learning about new tools and webinars … Mary Alice Barrows , Shannon Kelly Conklin, and I are hosting a Tech Tools webinar on April 2nd that will cover Canva, IFTTT, and Inconosquare so if you are curious about any of those platforms join us [shameless plug]! Learn more, and register for the webinar, here.

I hope many of you will share and we can all learn and grow professionally from each other!

Megan Wolleben

Megan Wolleben

Megan Wolleben has worked at the Bucknell University Career Development Center since 2007, where she is currently an Assistant Director. She is responsible for the marketing and communications of the office, as well as manages the department’s social media presence. She is the co-chair for EACE’s Technology Committee and a contributing writer to the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) “Tech Talk” column as well as co-author of the “Career Counselor’s Guide to Social Media”. Megan earned her B.A. and Master’s in Communication from Fordham University.

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