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New to you from the Professional Connections Committee

New to you from the Professional Connections Committee

The Professional Connections Committee (PCC) (formerly the Mentoring Committee) has been working this past year to provide revamped programming and services aimed at supporting members’ needs in relation to their professional lifecycles through various learning and relationship building opportunities. What have they been up to?

The PCC is going to be rolling out two new programs.

Program 1 – Professional Connections Coach

The first program that will be initiated this spring is short-term one-on-one coaching for members going through or about to go through a professional transition and will offer a sign-up to meet with a Professional Connections Coach. In up to three discussions, the mentee will be able to discuss his or her concerns, goals, and questions. We are developing a survey for interested individuals who would like to meet with a Professional Transition Coach and a survey for prospective Coaches to sign-up and list their areas of expertise in advising others. The survey will be located through a link on the PCC page of the EACE site and will be advertised through LinkedIn and other social media. There will also be a space for individuals to note if they would like to be a participant or a leader of a transition topic-specific discussion group, our second initiative going forward.

Program 2 – Professional Transition Topics Discussion Groups

The second program that PCC will be more formally initiating is multiple discussion groups on specific professional transition topics that are member generated. A pilot of these groups occurred at the EACE Conference in Annapolis and was really interesting and a lot of fun! We plan to have additional discussion groups at the conference in Pittsburgh this year during the “dining on your own” night. There will be sign up sheets listing each topic in the hospitality suite during the conference and we will advertise a pre-sign up before the conference. Going forward individuals can reach out to us through the sign-up sheet. Discussion groups are not anonymous, but individuals will be able to share ideas with a number of professionals in the same transition that they may be experiencing or about to experience and can learn insights from a group leader.

Stay tuned for more details!

post by Lisa Sydney,


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