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Whoopie Pies and High Fives: Getting Creative with Employer Relations

EACE Blog contribution by Jaime Freedman, Associate Director, Endicott College Career Center

Everyone gathered in the center of campus and looked off into distance anxiously awaiting the arrival of the whoopie pie truck, the first one to ever visit Endicott College. It was a crisp September day and a mix of students, faculty and staff were

credit: Endicott College

credit: Endicott College

already lined up waiting to get first pick of the delicious whoopie pies, whose reputation preceded them.  In the mean time, those in line spoke with two representatives from the large pharmaceutical company sponsoring the whoopie pie event. The representatives explained opportunities for internships and jobs with their company and handed out flyers about the information session they were holding on campus that evening. Once the truck arrived the event drew an even larger crowd, had great visibility on campus, and allowed the company to recruit from a solid pool of students.

The success of the whoopie pie truck this past semester has set the tone for a new type of collaboration between the campus and employers at Endicott. By getting a bit more creative, we have been able to foster many new partnerships this year while at the same time building interest with a broader student base. These creative collaborations have been spearheaded by Employment Outreach Specialist, Brenda Campbell, who says, “Events like this create a non-threatening, fun atmosphere where students can learn about a company in a low pressure environment and eventually feel comfortable enough to network with a company and even apply for a position.”

A similar collaboration that was a great success this semester was a partnership with a national retail chain offering management training programs and internships for students. We worked closely with company representatives to create a trivia game that students could play as they walked across campus. We set up in a high-traffic area that students passed through to go to classes and the main dining hall. Students were able to answer questions on a digital game board set up in the tradition of Jeopardy. For each correct answer students won a small prize. The questions were focused on the retailer and while engaging students with the activity, representatives were able to share their opportunities with them.  Students had a lot of laughs and many high fives were exchanged. The company reported applications submitted as a result of relationships cultivated at the event.

Creative events like these not only bring good will to the campus but are an effective way for a company to brand themselves as fun and exciting.  At the end of the day all companies are trying to find their niche and stand out at the local colleges and universities to hire top talent.  Here at Endicott we are trying to look outside of the box to help them.

Jamie Freedman

Jamie Freedman

Jaime Freedman is the Associate Director at the Endicott College Career Center in Beverly, MA. Jaime counsels undergraduates, graduate students and alumni across majors on all aspects of the job search and self-assessment processes. Previous roles include working as an academic advisor for nontraditional students at Northeastern University and serving as a career counselor for persons with disabilities at the Institute for Community Inclusion. Jaime holds a master’s degree in applied educational psychology from Northeastern University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Connecticut College.

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