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Video Interviewing

EACE contribution by Eletta Kershaw, University Recruitment Program Manager, IBM

Video interviewing seems to be gaining in popularity. For many companies, it represents an easy solution when looking to save on valuable time, resources and budgets. Today with the availability of some excellent video options, this can be done without sacrificing in terms of quality of the interview.

So what does this mean for the candidate and what can you do to prepare and to be successful? First, realize that this can represent opportunities which would not otherwise exist. There are three which come to mind.

First, you now have flexibility in terms of where you will conduct the interview so choose a space which is most comfortable to you! Consider what that space should look like! In other words, might wish to consider the job for which you are interviewing and match your setting to it. For a marketing position, you might want to surround yourself with content, color, and clippings that indicate your passion for that space. For a programming or software engineering position, a whiteboard with coding problems might be directly behind you. For a design job, samples of your creative work should be displayed prominently. You can event point to these “props” during the course of our conversation.

Next, treat this as an “in person” interview. Dress the same as you would if going to the employer’s office (I recommend this for phone interviews as well as it is great for the psyche!), “arrive early”, and do a test run of the equipment and the software. If you do this and should there be any technical challenges, you can confidently state to your interviewer that you have tested the system and your equipment. Yet another “opportunity”!

Finally, use the camera to your advantage! Set it so that it is focused on your face and background with the desk free from view. Let the interviewer know that you might like to take some notes allowing you to look down at your desk periodically. On your desk, you may wish to have some strategic notes to which you can refer!

In all, video interviewing provides you with a convenient alternative and some strategic advantages. Make the most of it, have fun, and good luck!


Eletta Kershaw

Eletta Kershaw

Eletta Kershaw works for IBM where she is University Recruiting Program Manager and Team Lead. In this capacity, she leads the development of IBM’s U.S. university talent strategy and implementation and leads IBM recruiting efforts at several northeast universities.

Eletta has held numerous staff and management positions in education, employee development, finance, marketing support and human resources. Her favorite positions have been those where she has the opportunity to work with individuals on crafting their personal development skills. Eletta believes that her current assignment is the best job in the company! Eletta joined IBM in 1977 after receiving her bachelors in Communications from Denison University.


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