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#NoExcuses – Future EACE Leaders Stand Up!

EACE Blog contribution by Adrienne Alberts, Program Manager – College and Workforce Inclusion Programs at American Red Cross

This is such an exciting time as we draw attention to the upcoming board roles that will be filled during this year’s election. Yes, we are already talking about the March elections in October but this isn’t like starting Christmas advertising before Halloween. There is an important purpose to have this on our radar now… NOMINATIONS!!!

In December we will be opening the nominations process for the following roles:

  • President Elect (3 year term)
  • Director, Finance (2 year term)
  • Director, College Membership (2 year term)
  • Director, Leadership Development (2 year term)
  • Director, Public Relations & Communication (2 year term)

When you see these positions again and it will be your turn to take ACTION by nominating yourself or a colleague for EACE leadership. As you begin to explore whether you are ready to serve in a more significant way, there is a bit of insight that I would like to share.  YOU DO HAVE TIME!!!!!

I remembered when I first became actively involved in EACE; there was a lovely woman who served as our association manager.  She did a number of administrative tasks to support EACE but much of the work to make EACE function came from the members and leaders.  So much has changed since those days.  Technology enables much of what we do and we also have EACE HQ to do the heavy lifting on many of the processes we historically had to do ourselves.  Now there is more time to think creatively about how to further the profession and meet the needs of members.  But I hear that nagging question in your mind… how much time does that really take when you are already so busy?

Honestly EACE leadership only requires a few hours of your time a month.  You are already talking to each other and exploring ways to improve what you do in your offices and programs, now you can add a few additional conversations that are focused on EACE.  You already want to attend events to learn from one another, now you can justify attending the event as a leader of EACE.  You are already doing the work leadership just focuses that effort.  So no more excuses!!  If you have ever thought even once “ I wish EACE would consider_________ (fill in the blank),” then it is your time to get involved.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can shift our focus to the benefits of serving and there are too many to name them all but I will point out a few.

  • Opportunities to practice skills not present in your daily environment
  • A chance to provide that much needed stretch assignment to a member of your team who needs development but the right opportunity doesn’t exist in your organization
  • Develop a broader perspective on the industry
  • And to have a good time building new friendships that I will have forever

Leadership in associations allows you to practice professional skills we work to develop but don’t often have an opportunity to engage regularly in our daily lives. It allows you to participate in conversations that challenge you to stretch your thinking beyond your organization’s needs to reflect on changes that are impacting the broader industry; AND in the midst of those great conversations you will realize that you have developed a set of colleagues that have now become friends. There are so many reasons to serve that outweigh any excuse you could create to remain uninvolved – so no excuses!

I have said in vines, interviews, discussions, and now this blog, association leadership, particularly in EACE, provided me with opportunities to hone important professional skills and develop a voice.  Those things changed the direction of my career and set me on a path to success that I would not be on if not for those experiences.  I will be forever grateful for EACE for how it impacted my career and I want you to benefit in the same way. Trust me, this isn’t an opportunity you want to miss!

alberts-adrienneAdrienne Alberts (@RecruiterAde) is a committed professional with more than 15 years of experience in college and diversity recruiting and career development.  Her career path has included significant roles in higher education, as a service provider to colleges and talent acquisition professionals, and as a recruiter and Human Resources leader in for-profit and nonprofit organizations.  


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