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Tech Corner: Never a Dull Moment. Social Media is Moving Fast, And You Should Be Too.

Learn about the newest features on some of today’s hottest technologies.

EACE Blog contribution by Nadia Dovi, Assistant Director, Cornell University’s Engineering Co-op & Career Services

Staying current on today’s technologies can be a challenge. It seems like tech and social media companies are constantly tweaking, upgrading, adding, and changing the features of their products and services. I swear I update apps on my phone daily! To keep you in the know, below I’ve highlighted some of the more significant updates that have gone into effect recently.



LinkedIn– Staying current with your connections, on the go, just got a lot easier thanks to LinkedIn’s updated mobile app. The social networking giant recently enhanced users’ profiles to not only make them more visually appealing, but to make telling your story simpler. The profile app now promotes your latest posts, so that your connections better understand your interests and passions. Additionally, the enhanced profile app makes it ridiculously easy for you to see what you have in common with your connections. When you view the profile of a connection, it will tell you if you went to school together, worked at the same organization, participate in the same group, have connections in common, and more. Instantly you can discover your commonalities. The new profile also provides an effortless way for you to endorse your connections, and for them to do the same for you.


Instagram_Icon_LargeInstagram– Not the best photographer? Photos looking a bit dull? Instagram can help you add a little color, literally! The photo-sharing service recently added 10 new features which allow users to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, and more. You may just be an amateur photographer, but your followers will never know!


Snapchat-logoSnapchat– Coming soon? Rumor has it that Snapchat, the mobile app that allows users to send messages that disappear within seconds of receipt, is looking to broaden its services. Keep your eyes peeled in November for “Snapchat Discovery” which the Wall Street Journal reports will offer video clips, news articles, and advertisements.


PinterestPinterest– Tired of searching, scrolling, clicking and still not finding what you’re looking for? A new guided search feature on Pinterest allows users to narrow down results using specific filters. When a search term is keyed in, results are displayed in three categories (pins, boards, and pinners) with relevant content under each category. A recent search for “recruiting,” for example, resulted in “recruiting ideas, recruiting tools; recruiting statistics; recruiting/employer branding/HR stuff, and recruiting blogs.” This new feature saves precious time by simplifying your searching.


Twitter_logo_blueTwitter- Twitter is starting to look a little like Facebook, and not everyone is happy about it. In June, Twitter rolled out redesigned profile pages for users. The new profile allows users to upload a large cover photo and a smaller profile pic, similar to FB. Users can also now tag friends in photos. While users seem to have embraced these new features, rumors of a Facebook-style filtered feed coming to Twitter have sparked controversy ( Currently, tweets in a user’s feed are posted in reverse chronological order, and all tweets, regardless of relevance, are displayed. The new feed model will allegedly filter tweets, displaying only “relevant” content based on algorithms. Twitter isn’t saying WHEN or IF this new feature will be rolled out (


Now that you know what’s new and hot, take a few minutes to check out the latest features on your favorite technologies. Test out the new LinkedIn profile app on your phone, run a filtered search on Pinterest, upload a new cover photo to Twitter, or read the latest on the Twitter filtered feed controversy.


Nadia Dovi is the Assistant Director in Cornell University’s Engineering Co-op & Career Services Office where she advises technical students, administers the Peer Advisor Program, and serves on several committees, including co-chairing EACE’s Technology Committee. Prior to working at Cornell, Nadia served as the Assistant Director of Internship Programs at Union College. Nadia received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Hamilton College, and a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from SUNY Albany. You can connect with Nadia via LinkedIn: or Twitter (@NadiaDovi).

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