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The Making of a Leader – EACE Director, Employer Member Services

Craig Single

Chief Talent Officer, Elko & Associates – Accountants & Advisors

Why are you in a leadership position with EACE?

Craig Single

Craig Single

From the time I entered the profession, as a higher education career counselor, EACE has been a keystone of my success. Through the programming, conferences, and relationship building, EACE provides a vital service to the professionals that are building the workforce of tomorrow. By facilitating this free exchange of knowledge for college and employer professionals, EACE ensures that students are well prepared, employed, and satisfied with their career decisions. So, for me, it’s the students, who we are helping to develop and hire, that drive my desire to serve in a leadership role and ensure that EACE continues its long history of success.

How have you benefited from being in a leadership position at EACE?
 Among all my leadership positions at EACE, my time as a board member and conference co-chair have benefited me in two main ways. First, the relationships that I have built with colleagues, many of whom have become close personal friends, has given me a network of amazing professionals that can call upon with questions and challenges that I face on a day-to-day basis in my career. Second, I have learned the value of differences, and how a group of professionals can come together for a common cause and create such amazing programs and conferences that wouldn’t otherwise be possible when acting alone.
Why do you volunteer your time and talent to be in a leadership position?

Because I feel it’s important to continue to learn and build relationships. The business of recruiting and career development is always changing and by committing time and energy to EACE I continually build new relationships and learn something new that I can take back and make myself and company better.

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