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Spotlight – Stephanie Pallante, ARAMARK

Stephanie Pallante

University Recruitment Leader, ARAMARK

Stephanie attended Kutztown University and has been in her current role and organization under a year.

Stephanie Pallante

Stephanie Pallante

What was your career path (previous roles) to get your current role?: I started recruiting for an IT Professional Staffing firm where I spent a number of years before transitioning to the corporate side of recruiting. While recruiting for experienced talent was challenging, it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to step into the college recruiting space at Unisys that I found my ‘home’.

What was your first job? Recruiting & Payroll Specialist at Brandon Systems Corporation, and IT Staffing firm.

Why did you choose this career?Like many other individuals, this is not what I thought I’d be doing while I was in college. Instead, I learned quite a bit during aninternship that changed my direction and path into the recruiting profession.

What is the skill that is most important in your current role? Relationship building & management is key to any recruiting role, regardless of title and level. Relationships with our key executives to support our campus efforts, our hiring managers to identify workforce plans & talent development strategies, our campuses to understand our talent strategy & establish ARAMARK as an employer of choice, and of course, the students to develop a positive candidate / hiring experience!

How did you develop this skill and how do you fine-tune it regularly? I had a very good mentor over the years. Through his positive leadership, his management style and his behaviors, I learned quite a bit about leveraging relationships to ensure the desired outcome. Relationships are personal and definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ model. I have to understand who my customer / audience is and remind myself to customize my messaging and intent towards them.

Did you have a mentor? If so, how did that mentor help in your career development? As indicated above, I have had a mentor who definitely had a positive impact on my career. I learned how to manage people to meet organizational objectives, how to set priorities and make decisions aligned to business need and most importantly, how to rely on my team, not simply myself to achieve our goals.

Did you hold any EACE leadership roles? If so, how have they helped in your career?: Not yet! I have been involved with the broader NACE organization in various committee chair and committee member roles over the past 10+ years.

What is your biggest career accomplishment? While I have a few accomplishments that come to mind, I am probably working on the biggest accomplishment we speak! I am currently working on the implementation of a new campus recruiting model which will become the primary talent channel for ARAMARK over the next few years. Our growth expectations for campus talent will increase by 125% in 2014 and then double again in 2015!

What is your advice to students looking for their first job? Start early to build your personal brand. Your brand will not only help you land the job but continue to advance your career, if done right. Be smart in choices you make relative to your personal brand.

What is your advice to young professionals in the field who aspire to your current role?  Like with friendships, aligning yourself to the right individuals is critical. Identify individuals whom you can learn from and have your best interest in mind.

What was the best career advice you have ever received? While it was challenging to flip this switch, I had to heed the advice that I didn’t have to do it all myself and begin delegating responsibilities to team members. Divide & conquer!

What would you like colleagues to know about your organization (i.e. hiring practices/programs)?: ARAMARK is a large, global organization that is in transition. Not only shifting the operational aspects from that of soloed businesses running on their own to a ‘One ARAMARK’ model which leverages synergies, core process and people. Along with this, we are also investing more in our people who is evident with the implementation and commitment to our new campus recruiting model. Our primary channel for talent over the next few years will come from college campuses and then developed through ARAMARK’s Accelerate to Leadership Program. (

Stephanie did not visit her career center when she was in college.

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