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Professional Exchange Visit Series: The Madison Square Garden Company, NYC, NY

Professional Exchange Visit Series: The Madison Square Garden Company, NYC, NY

EACE Blog contribution by Donna J. Robertson, Associate Director, The Career Center at Seton Hall University 
Credit: Purchased and forwarded by Louis Lamorte from LaSalle University

Credit: Purchased and forwarded by Louis Lamorte from LaSalle University

As you’re walking up to the one of the most famous entertainment venues in the world, it is not hard to understand why students want to work here.  Host to more than 260 events and 4 million visitors each year, Madison Square Garden (MSG) is an icon.

Human Resources Manager Colleen Stratton manages the Student Associate Program for the Garden.  Every year, she receives more than 3000 applications just for the summer but only has room for about 80-90 interns.  During the fall and spring, she tends to have about 100 each term.  While most of the summer interns are from outside the NY metropolitan area, Colleen says the number of out-of-state students working during the academic terms is growing.  “They are getting very creative” in how they fit a NYC internship into their studies.  The Student Associate program pays $8 per hour which is remarkable in an industry that has a history of unpaid internships.  Students that can work more than 2 days per week are ideal but Colleen stresses that they won’t let students work more than 35 hours per week, even if they want to!

The competition for a MSG internship is fierce so Colleen says they look for students who have interned elsewhere and upperclassmen may have an advantage sometimes.  That said, they’ve hired sophomores and graduate students as well as international students into the program.  Students who can demonstrate campus involvement or show related work experience such as retail sales are also encouraged to apply.  High demand areas include finance, IT and graphic arts.

For those of you with students looking for entertainment internships outside of sport and/or the NYC area, The Madison Square Garden Company may still be on the horizon.  The company also owns Radio City Music Hall, the Beacon Theatre, The Chicago Theatre, Boston’s Wang Theatre and the LA Forum.  There are internship opportunities at most of these sites.

NY Rangers Locker Room

NY Rangers Locker Room

The Exchange participants had a wonderful opportunity to go on the All Access Tour where we received a behind the scenes look at this extraordinary venue.  From the floor and from up high on the Chase Bridge we saw the crews working to set up for a Bruno Mars concert that night.  We peeked into corporate suites and wandered through, the 1879 Club, the VIP hangout and the locker rooms for the WNBA Liberty and NY Rangers.  The Garden provides a memorable experience for interns and guests!


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