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EACE Poll: Summer Hours

EACE Poll: Summer Hours

EACE Blog contribution by Jill Milon, College Recruitment &
Career Services Consultant

In Gothenburg, Sweden, they are conducting a year-long experiment of a six-hour workday for half of their government employees starting on July 1st.  Those participating in the experiment will receive full pay.  [I would be hate to be one of the other half not selected to participate in the test.]  The Swedish government hopes this year-long experiment will test the theory that shorter, more-focused work hours could boost productivity.

Although many colleges and organizations in the US may not be up for a six-hour workday, many offer flexible work schedules in the summer.  Since college class schedules are generally lighter with less students on campus and college recruiting does not ramp up until late summer, many career centers and college recruiters would enjoy a flexible work schedule during the summer months before it gets crazy in the Fall.

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