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Revisiting LinkedIn University Pages

Revisiting LinkedIn University Pages

EACE Blog contribution by Megan Wolleben, Assistant Director, Bucknell University’s Career Development Center

linkedin-logoIt’s been less than a year since LinkedIn announced one of its biggest changes: University Pages. Bucknell was lucky to be a part of the beta phase but now that everyone has pages I think it’s time for a post about what we’ve seen this past year and ideas on how to best make use of your page from a career center perspective.

First and foremost, if you can, get someone in your office on the administrator page list. If that is not a possibility don’t panic, but dig into it and see who are the current administrators and connect with them. I find that most people are open to adding administrators – especially when you are willing to help and share the burden of updates and postings.

The second thing we did was to update the wording in the “General Information” section to be career oriented and focused. I got this tip from Kevin Grubb of Villanova and I think it’s a great idea to really create a strong tie of career outcomes (dare I say?) to the page.


Communication offices, Alumni Relations offices, and Career Centers have so many great stories between them and we all operate with [essentially] the same core goal in mind: promoting the school. This may come in different forms at different times but the LinkedIn University page allows you to blend the good work that all these offices do. I have found the stories from Communication or Alumni Relations office that showcase career success are plentiful, well written, and perfect to share on your page. We try to focus on student successes in and out of the classroom, including fellowships, research, internships, and service trips; alumni career success stories or awards and honors; sharing the Post-Grad report; and invitations to our career fairs – to name a few ideas!

LinkedInUPost LinkedInUpost2

The ability to recommend the school was just added recently so we will see how that progresses. We’ve gotten a few so far and each one shows up in the page feed as well in the section for recommendations. To share this new feature, and encourage our students and alumni to recommend the page, we posted in our LinkedIn Alumni Group and various social media.


Personally I am a big fan of the University Pages, but of course I can always think of things I wish we could do. My wish list for LinkedIn is short and includes: The ability to schedule posts, report spam – because yes you will get spam, and claim a unique URL just as you can for your personal profile.

LinkedIn is very committed to helping Higher Ed and provides various information and resources that can, at times, seem hidden. Click around the Higher Ed “hub” and see what you can find!

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Megan Wolleben

Megan Wolleben

Megan Wolleben has worked at the Bucknell University Career Development Center since 2007, where she is currently an Assistant Director. She is responsible for the marketing and communications of the office, as well as manages the department’s social media presence. She is the co-chair for EACE’s Technology Committee and a contributing writer to the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) “Tech Talk” column as well as co-author of the “Career Counselor’s Guide to Social Media”. Megan earned her B.A. and Master’s in Communication from Fordham University. Feel free to connect with Megan on LinkedIn and Twitter

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