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2014 EACE Scholarship Winners Announced

2014 EACE Scholarship Winners Announced…

Diversity Advancement Scholarship in Memory of Rick McLellan (Student Membership)

Jose E. Huerta

huerta_joseEduardo Huerta is a first generation student who graduated from the University of California Berkeley in 2011 with a B.A. in Latin American Studies and a minor in Education. Upon graduation, he has worked as a Project Coordinator for the County of Monterey in California, a substitute teacher, a literacy tutor, a summer Group Leader for The Experiment in International Living—a job where he takes high school students abroad to participate in language, community service and cultural immersion programs—and his most recent position as a Graduate Research Assistant for the SUNY Research Foundation. In August 2013, Eduardo began his first year as a graduate student at the State University of New York Binghamton, where he is pursuing a dual master’s degree in Student Affairs and Public Administration. In the future, he wants to work at a university mentoring, advising and providing students—primarily students of disadvantaged backgrounds—the tools to effectively navigate institutions of higher learning; additionally, he wants to manage and/or design programs and policies that encourage a more accurate representation of the diversity found in our country and that facilitate and promote a campus culture where diversity is better understood, respected and appreciated. Besides Eduardo’s passion for education, he also enjoys being outdoors doing sports, practicing martial arts, drawing and painting, photography, traveling, cooking and meeting new people.

The 2014 Rick McLellan Scholarship is co-sponsored by University at Albany-SUNY Career Services and the University of Delaware Career Services Center.

Diversity Advancement Scholarship in Memory of Ernie Andrews (Associate Membership)

Shantel Powell

powell_shantelShantel L. Powell received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida. As an undergraduate, her research interests were broad and attempted to encapsulate the African American experience. More specifically, she was particularly interested in academic resiliency among African American college students. As a career counselor at the University at Albany, she has had the ability to work with many students from various walks of life.  Throughout her experiences, she has found that all individuals, regardless of race, desire happiness through their career.  This observation drew her to the field of career development and its intersection with mental health. Shantel is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in counseling psychology from the University at Albany.

The 2014 Ernie Andrews Scholarship is sponsored by Virginia Tech Career Services.

Congratulations to the EACE 2014-15 Scholarship Winners!


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