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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

EACE Blog contribution by Amy Weinstein, Assistant Director/Technology Manager at Bryant University

The weather is warming, the flowers on campus are blooming and the students are starting to focus on exams and summer plans.  All of these are sure signs that my day-to-day craziness is slowing down and the need to re-group and organize for summer should be a high priority.  If you’re like me, it always takes a week or two for me to realize this shift is happening and to bounce into action.  Here are some tips for cleaning out the clutter so you can move forward towards a more productive summer:

Clean off your desk surface

messy_deskPiles anyone?  Go through those papers on your desk and toss what you don’t need.  While you’re filing hard copies, throw out old information already stored away.   Ask yourself whether any paper information can be scanned and filed electronically.  If you have a shared network system, consider whether your information can be stored in a shared file where others can easily access.   I’m also a huge believer in giving my desk, phone and computer an antibacterial wipe down (probably should be done more than once a year, but who’s watching).

De-clutter your computer screen

Create desktop and folders store them on a shared network or another campus drive that gets backed up regularly.  While you’re at it, clean up your email by archiving old data and deleting unneeded correspondence.  Clear old voice mails and text messages from your phone.

Update your personal information

It’s conference time and hopefully most of you will be attending the EACE conference in a few weeks!   In addition to grabbing your business cards, take the time to update your LinkedIn profile, and other personal information sites, such as, if you use them.    De-clutter your Facebook feed, professional and personal.

Give your office a makeover

Consider what students and employers see when they enter your office.  Are you creating the image you want – professional, organized or friendly?  Re-organize furniture, if it makes sense.   Purchase small accessories to help you organize your desktop, such as a hook or file.  Add icons or posters to demonstrate an inclusive environment.

There is no perfect way to get organized and it is easy to procrastinate.  Last winter, our career center designated a “clean your office day.”  We blocked our calendars and got to work!  The results were wonderful.


Amy Weinstein

Amy Weinstein

Amy Weinstein, Assistant Director/Technology Manager at Bryant University, has been assisting students with career advising for over 15 years. Amy has worked in career services offices at the University of Rhode Island and the University of San Francisco. She has also worked as a university relations recruiter for AMD Corporation.  Amy has a Master of Science in Career Counseling from San Francisco State University and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island.

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