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Top 10 reasons you should get HYPED about EACE 2014

Top 10 reasons you should get HYPED about EACE 2014

EACE Blog contribution by Erin Massey, Associate Director, Career Services at Swarthmore College and 2014 EACE Conference Publicity Committee


10.  The site of the conference – Annapolis – has so much history.  The city actually served as the capital of the United States from 1783-1784 – at least that is what my friend Wikipedia says.


9.  The exhibitors attending are eager to connect with attendees about their great products and resources.


8.  The “Call to Lead” pre-conference workshop will provide attendees a first-hand look at the prestigious naval academy and their intense leadership training – and who doesn’t love an officer in uniform.


7.  In addition to getting so much out of the conference for ourselves, EACE2014 gives us the opportunity to give back to the local Boys and Girls Club during a Services Day.


6.  We get to eat dinner with friends and colleagues while raising money for the Boys and Girls Club.


Stacy McClelland and Deborah D'Attilio,Enterprise Photo Credit: Helen Brown

Stacy McClelland & Deborah D’Attilio, Enterprise Holdings
Photo Credit: Helen Brown

5.  We get to interact and engage with our colleagues who we also call friends.


4.  Can you say – delicious?  Phillips Seafood will be our host for an amazingly decadent dessert reception on Thursday night.


3.  EACE 2014 offers a diverse range of concurrent sessions on hot topics in our field – and we get the opportunity to learn from our colleagues who are undeniably doing amazing work!


2.  Listen to Jon Vroman motivate us to be leaders.


1. You will not find a better group of colleagues who are passionate about their work and know how to have a great time!


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