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Tech Corner: Why I heart Hootsuite

Why I heart Hootsuite

EACE Blog contribution by Malla Haridat, Associate Director and Employer and Alumni Outreach Specialist at Manhattan College Career Development Center

Do you remember the first time that you realized how much of a chore keeping up with social media could be?

Credit: HootSuite Media Kit

Credit: HootSuite Media Kit

I remember my moment clearly.   We were on a mission in the office to use social media to better connect with our students.  All of the reports and data showed that Millennials were active on Facebook, Twitter, some LinkedIn and watching videos so we wanted to ensure that we were on top of the trend.  Someone suggested I post a “hot” job opportunity using all of our accounts as a way to better market the position.

Which was the smartest thing ever.  Except I thought about how long it was going to take me to log into each account and customize a message.  Alongside my never ending daily task list.

Enter Hootsuite.

Thank goodness I had another colleague who shared with me Hootsuite.  (Thank YOU Liz King!)  She opened my eyes to realize that for every social media platform –  there were other companies looking to make it easier to use and keep balance of everything.

So she sat me down and opened her screen (which yes, my eyes exploded when I saw all of the columns open at once).  And she took a moment to walk me through all of the screens and how to work with each account to post, customize and manage posting.

Three things stood out for me immediately about why I liked Hootsuite:

  1. It saved me time of logging into only one account.  

Trying to remember all of the passwords alongside managing the different messages that I needed to create was overwhelming.  By using Hootsuite, I could log into one account and spend my time customizing messages – rather than having to juggle both.

  1. Prescheduling

Once I started using Hootsuite and playing around with the benefits, I realized that one benefit was the ability to pre-schedule posts.  Which is genius if you are managing a large event.  Instead of trying to send out the last minute email to remind students to sign up and/or attend the event, I could pre schedule “Last Call!” or reminders for students apply before a deadline.

It was also great for the times when you need to take a few days off.  Your messages stay top of mind for students…but you are not chained to your social media accounts constantly.

  1. Keeping track of trends and direct messages
Credit: HootSuite Media Kit

Credit: HootSuite Media Kit

I hope someone else can relate to this.  I log onto my social media accounts and I often find it hard to log off.  There are new messages.  New pics.  New updates.  New videos to watch.  People I need to talk to and a whole bunch of news to catch up on.  And oops I totally forgot to wish you a  happy birthday!

The genius of how to really maximize Hootsuite is to set up custom tool bars to review everything that you need to manage. For Twitter, I often start with my direct messages first and then start reading the actual feed and have the columns set up in that order.  For all of the accounts, I follow buzz words and trends and use that information to find new friends, new experts and new information that is helpful for our audiences.

I hope this encourages you to use Hoosuite and all of the other tools out there – ie Tweetdeck, SproutSocial and GrabInBox – to make your life MUCH easier when it comes to managing social media!

haridat_mallaMalla Haridat is the Employer and Alumni Outreach specialist at Manhattan College’s Office of Career Pathways and manages relationships with employers through their large scale events including career fairs and the 150+ connections in the mentor program.  Prior to this role, she was the Senior Associate Director of Alumni Outreach at Columbia University’s Center for Career Education where she fostered lifelong connections between alumni and students through career development- related activities.

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